Help me for developing my internet platform which distributes pictures libraries to the Digital Artists (video games, movies, publicity)!


The project



My name is Vanessa Rossier,




My actual project is to build a new company managing an Internet platform, whose name is SLR (Swiss Landscape Resources). Swiss Landscape Resource is a photographic platform provided for Digital Artists.


The purpose of this platform is to give to the Concept Artists an access to several libraries (that we usually call Packs) of Swiss (and around) Landscapes  in High Definition for their artistic works, like concept Art, video games, movies, publicity or any other type of creations.


The libraries can be accessed by anyone and any company at

Swiss Landscape Resources is already proposing around 20 packs of environmental photos.

Packs contain at least 100 HD pictures for a low price (lesser than 10 euros by pack).


A sample of pictures in the pack 'Glacier 1'




You can download the first pack for free at :


Moreover you are invited to follow SLR news on my Facebook page:


One sample starting from an SLR picture by Bastien GRIVET (WARDENLIGHT Artworks):



Why fund it?

In order for me to be able to develop this platform rapidly for the benefit of all the artists worldwide, I’m asking for your valuable help!


My activities for the platform are the following:


   . Photos shootings in Switzerland: the mountains (in middle and high altitude), the surrounding country sides and in the towns,

   . Picture editing (selection, cropping, colour balancing, etc) and packs management,

   . Publishing and managing the packs on the web platform,

   . Making the promotion of SLR for all the Digital Artists around the World, and for all the beautiful Swiss landscapes lovers.


A sample of pictures in the pack 'After burning




In order for me to move further on my project, I would kindly request your help for the following things:


   . Creating a web platform fully adapted to the target (in terms of efficiency, ergonomy and design),

   . Developing all the needed communication tools for the purpose of reaching all the potential users.


For the budget, there is no minimum and no maximum: possibilities are only depending of the final amount!


Another sample starting from an SLR picture by Bastien GRIVET (WARDENLIGHT Artworks):



Swiss Landscape Resources

Hi, My name is Vanessa Rossier, I have completed my studies at the school of Arts Appliqués (appli es arts) in Geneva. My main activity is Mountains photographer. I manage and feed an Internet platform for concept artists (like Matte painters), named SLR ((Swiss Landscape Resources): photos of Swiss mountains, towns and campaigns.