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In Tambacounda, the heart of Senegal,  we see five taxi men.  But their taxis are horse-drawn carts. They’re all from the same region, almost the same poverty stricken village and they’ve left their families, wives and children behind.

We will follow them throughout the days of their lives, into their meager homes and their daily toil, always next to their animals.  We will listen to their stories and watch them day after day in their challenging occupation, trying desperately to feed their families back home. Yet, in spite of their abysmal poverty and the difficulty of their daily existence, they keep a smile, whatever the cost

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L’AUTEUR, LE RÉALISATEUR Roberto Romeo est né en Espagne. Il fait toutes ses études à Bruxelles. Après des études d’art plastique, il entre en contact avec le théâtre où il passe par tous les métiers. De régisseur à décorateur en passant par acteur (Théâtre de l’Esprit Frappeur, Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, Espace Pierre Cardin à Paris).... See more

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