Join us! The new CD exploring the 15th century keyboard repertoire.


The project

Dufay and Binchois’ franco-flemish songs and the instrumental arrangements on Buxheimer manuscript. Tasto Solo enriches its musical universe with a large set of string instruments: plectrum and hammered clavisimbala, harps and fiddles in a dialogue with the Gothic organs. After the celebrated CD “Meyster ob allen Meystern”, don’t miss this second opus!


The recording is planned beginning August in coproduction with the Estivales des Orgues and the Amis des Orgues du Haut-Jura  The CD will be released with Passacaille records end 2014.


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The recording place at Longchaumois (Jura)!




Tasto Solo group will be Guillermo Pérez (organetto & artistic director), David Catalunya (clavisimbala), Reinhild Waldek (Gothic harp), Angélique Mauillon (Gothic harp), Pau Marcos (fiddle) and some other guests..!



Why fund it?

This Crowdfunding project will allow us to complete the cost of recording and editing, a total amount of 10.000 €.


Help us to exceed the sum of 2.600 € and collect 5.000 €! We are still looking for funds to pay musicians and promote the CD!


An acclaimed ensemble in the early music world, directed by the organetto player Guillermo Pérez, Tasto Solo claim and re-discovers virtuosic and highly refined musical repertoires from the 14th and 15th centuries where gothic keyboard instruments became the cornerstone. The group combines historical research and organological reconstruction with an... See more

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Maaaaaany thanks to all!!! Mil graaaaacias a todos!!! Un enoooorme merci a tous!!!
Good luck for this new recording, hope to hear soon your performance of these wonderful music. PS, there's no need to send your first recording, since I already have it :-)