Help me to finish my bachelor creating my kidswear collection for graduation in HEAD Geneva


The project

After Supergirls don't cry, my bachelor precollection (and first kidswear collection !), the adventure continues and I offer you to continue it with me !

This last project will mark the end of my bachelor in the University of Art and Design in Geneva (HEAD) and will become my « business card » for apply to international competitions or for jobs in kidswear luxury brands.





This collection will compose of 6 outfits which will be shown during my graduation jury in my school in june 2016 but also in the HEAD fashion show in october 2016.




For this graduation project, I chose to create another collection for girls between 6 and 12 years old, but since the last collection my « little muse » evolved, affirmed her tastes and became more adventurous.





TEDDY BEAR LOVES YOU  is a funny and acidulous collection for girls who are not afraid to take risks. Creatives and mischievous, they want their own fashion to express and share totally their personnality and zest for life.



Research book


I based my collection on a text I wrote, a bit crazy and fantastic, and make think to the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. But this time, Alice should be in the other side of the mirror.



Extract of the text Teddy Bear Loves You - 2016


In this text, my little girls will travel through the world they built in their head.

A world who is composed by everything they read, they think and they see, in real or especially in the TV, in our society who’s more and more influenced by TV reality images.



Martin Parr


My muse is curious, she feeds herself visually by everything around her.

The text I wrote put the visual benchmarks of the collection, show a new recurring character (Teddy bear) and we want to see more.



Sketch of  "Teddy Bear"


For this collection, I was inspired by the visual universe of California, colorful, acidulous and a bit kitch, but also with rounded and organic shapes.



Colors from the collection



Sketch from the collection


I chose to continue my experimental work with pleats and volume in kids’silhouettes, which is very interesting to explore and kind of new in kidswear.



 Trial pleats/drapé - march 2016


I will also work with the print with screen printing method, creating all over print and maybe placed print. I will create visually the Teddy Bear character and use it as a logo / a brand image



Research book


I would like to work on accessories too, like jewels (pins, crown) or bags, but it has to be define later.


But for having something really nice and result, I need your support in this last part !

Why fund it?

The collect will contribute to a part of the realisation of my bachelor collection in HEAD-Geneva. Thanks to you my work could be more result !


Your donations will be used to help to a part of each task :


-       For buying a part of the fabrics of the collection and for the trimmings (apprx. 400€)

-       For the screen printing in my fabrics : buying inks (apprx 100€)


-       Help to pay a part of the collaborations who will happen during this project, and without that a collection is not complete !

It means a graphic designer for the lookbook (and maybe the illustrations of the text I wrote), a seamstress for helping me making the prototypes and a person for the accessories / jewels (pins, crown) and a photograph. (Apprx. 400€)


But also : (appr.100€)

-       Print the lookbooks, flyers, business cards and buying paper.

-       Buying styling elements as shoes, socks, tights…  


If i exceed the goal :

- I could also collaborate with hairdresser and makeup artist to make my photo shooting better.

- I could go far in the commercial part of my collection thinking about labels, packaging, flocking or patches.

- I could maybe print a small edition book of the text illustrated of my collection !

- Finally, I could also create my website which will be very useful for the continuation.


Student in bachelor fashion design in the Geneva University of Arts and Design (HEAD), I also added to my education one year in fine arts in Lyon (ENBAL), a technical degree in pattern making and sewing and some internships. I especially did differents internships in Cote Magazine, swiss luxury magazine based in Geneva, but also another internship in... See more

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Merci ma habibi pour ta participation!!! Génial ton pseudo d'ailleurs!
Bravo Habibi !!!!!!!!!
Merci Michèle de ton soutien dans ce projet, cela me fait très plaisir ! Bises, à bientôt. Julie