Support the exhibition of my Textures on the other side of the world at the Head On Photo Festival Sydney, Australia May 2015 !


The project

I am Isabelle Belloi, and I have been selected among hundreds of artists from all over the world by the jury of the most famous Photo festival in Australia: "Head on".*


Head On is a wonderful showcase not only for renowned artists, but also for emerging artist like me.


The festival duration is one month (from 1st to 31st May 2015) and is a real opportunity to export my work, learning new cultural aspects and photographic techniques but also to create new connection and give birth to new projects.


I will present 10 photos (40x60cm on Dibond) in the "Art Moment Gallery", located in Bondi Beach, one of the creative nexus of Sydney.







I plan to share my experience through my Facebook page Emulsion Photographique and/or a blog.


As I will keep on working on new shots in Sydney, some of my feedback will be exclusive and you will be able to acquire them soon after the festival.


Meanwhile, I invite you to visit either my website "Emulsion Photographique" or the Emulsion Photographique Facebook page just to make yourself an idea about my work.


Why "Emulsion"?

First, it is a wink to the light-sensitive emulsion of the photos on the roll.


Secondly, is symbolises the subtle mix of colours, textures and light so as produce a different vision of reality.




The intent in my current approach is to offer multiple interpretation possibilities, to completely unbridle the gaze, let the imagination run wild and free emotions.


Within this context, the textures came naturally to me.









I currently focus on these material effects produces thanks to DSLR and macro.


Dear kiss bankers, thanks in advance for your support which will help me, like a kangaroo, to jump across the other side of the world !




 * The "Head On" Festival of which John Mc Donald, an Art critic, says that it is simply "too popular to be ignored" – Practical details will be available around march 2015 on the website. 




Contact : Isabelle Belloi - ibelloi@gmail.comEmulsion Photographique


Why fund it?

Why fund it?


The fund-raising will help financing part of the project.


I will indeed also contribute with my own money which is unhappily not enough to cover all the costs.


The overall budget of such a project is around 5700€. This includes the travel: the round-trip flight ticket and the accommodation during my stay (one month).


This is the reason why I organise this crowd-funding campaign.


Fund-raising details:


PRODUCTION (on site printing of my 10 photos – 40x60 –Ilford 310gr professional paper + Dibon glued back-straps): 1100€


Gallery costs for one month exhibition (insurance, private view, renting, publicity): 1700€


Total : 2800€


What if I exceed my target?


It will further help financing this large event and possibly the follow-up of my other projects (some exhibitions are already foreseen in 2015 in Belgium).


I also plan to launch my own Arts objects and concepts design.


Self-taught photographer, I apply photography since ever. Thanks to the encouragement and support of my relatives and Facebook friends, I started the exhibits in 2013. I also took part in several community exhibitions in 2014 in Belgium and France. Others will follow in 2015.

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Just enjoy your trip !!!!! :-D
Je crois en toi, Isabella !!! Une belle "success story" !!! A très bientôt pour fêter cela !! (Valérie)
Yo, Je t'en ai mis une petite louche en plus....parce que je sais que tu aimes bien quand il y en a un peu que tu pourras t'offrir un verre à ma santé :-) Bon courage et m****. Jim