Touring band Szkojani Charlatans, currently based in Istanbul has been robbed! We need help to replace our valuable equiptment.


The project

The Szkojani Charlatans are a multi-national group of traveling street musicians who have been touring for several years in Europe and North America, playing traditional music learned from the source in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. 


Recently we returned to Istanbul from a tour and recording session in Belgium.  On the night of October 25, while we were fast asleep, someone broke into our apartment and stole two clarinets, a laptop computer, a zoom recorder, microphone, ipod, several phones, and two wallets containing a passport, cash, and Turkish residence permit, among other things.  This seriously hinders our ability to continue with our mission, since without this equipment it is impossible not only to play and make money, but to learn new music and travel to planned future gigs.


Right now we have regular gigs in Istanbul until mid-November, and have concrete plans to spend two months on tour in Mexico this winter, followed by a month-long tour in Greece.  These plans appear to be seriously compromised unless we are able to regain some of our recent losses.



By the way, for those that don't now us yet here's our brand new album, recently recorded in Brussels this october:






Well...we are sincerely hoping to see you soon on the way...         

                 the Szkojani Charlatans    




Why fund it?


Only with the help of our valued fans and supporters can we hope to replace solely the most essential items we need to move forward.

If we were to enumerate the true cost of the missing items, it would look something like this (prices in Euro):



-Yamaha Bb clarinet (with mouthpiece) - 1300

-Amati Turkish G clarinet - 1000

-Piezzo microphone - 70

-Zoom recorder - 160

-MacBook Pro - 1400

-iPhone 5 - 150

-iPod touch - 150

-US passport - 120

-Cash - 300


Total = 4,650



With the €3000 we hope to raise from your generous donations, we will replace:


-the laptop,

-one clarinet,

-one music player,

-the passport.


The importance of these items in our daily lives and careers cannot be overstated.






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Life is music et inversement...
Nous on aime les charlatans parce qu'il charlatent gentiment. On est avec vous et on est sûrs que votre projet ira loin. Vive la liberté d'expression par la musique ! Bises à Stouf !
don de 30 euros de la part de Eve Burger, notre voisine du 4 ème étage. Bisous a tous et HAPPY NEW YEAR ! maman de Stoof