In Berlin, four immigrant young men have been inspired during 7 years by Rafet (65). Yet, this man becomes more than a father for them.


Présentation détaillée du projet

The film is about Rafet (65) and four uneducated immigrants, who are now in their 30s, whom Rafet has educated for around 7 years about philosophy, psychology, politics and arts. It will include the pasts, presents and also the futures of those 5 characters that are living in Berlin. By doing this, the audience will have the chance to follow how they have changed/developed in time. They all live alone and have had problematic relationships with their parents. So, the fatherhood of Rafet to them will be the main core of the film because after so long of education period, some of them began to see Rafet as a father, an idol or an übermensch (over-person).


So, the film is not only about the idea of fatherhood and 'family', but also it's about integration and immigration in Europe, alienation in a modern world, loneliness and the idea of education, too. 





’68 kuşağı hippilerinden Rafet, Berlin’de 10 yıla yakın süre dört göçmen eğitimsiz çocuğa felsefe, psikoloji, edebiyat ve politika dersleri verir. Bu süreçte hem Rafet’in hayatı, hem de çocukların hayatları büyük değişime uğrar. Rafet artık onlar için sadece bir öğretmen değildir; babadır, annedir, insanüstü bir varlıktır. Film, Beş karakterin sadece karşılıklı eğitim ve öğrenime dayalı dostluğunu konu alıyor. Yurtdışında ailelerinden uzakta yaşayan bu insanlar birbirlerine tutunarak kendilerini geliştirecek, yaşadıkları toplum ile baş edebilmeyi öğrenecekler. 

À quoi servira la collecte ?

Finishing the Production: 1000 euro

Editing: 1000 euro

Color Grading: 600 euro 

Sound Mix: 500 euro

DCP/BetaCam Copy/Sending to festivals: 1500



Funding this project means that you will be helping of spreading new ideas of the immigrants' world, which is not a separate world. Concretely, your money will be used to achieve the film project in term of renting equipment, editing, color grading and sound design.

The project page will be weekly updated with news about the campaign, the production and the release of the film. We need your support ! spred the word.






Bu proje Almanya'daki Türkiye'li göçmenleri ve onların Almanya'daki yaşamlarına ışık tutmayı ve göçmenlerin yaşamı hakkında farkındalık yaratmayı amaçlıyor. Bu para yardımı projenin bitirilmesinde kullanılacaktır. 

Arturo Bandini

Mumin Baris is born in 1984 in Kircaali/Bulgaria. Due to political reasons he and his family had to immigrate to Istanbul while he was 7 years old. He lived in Istanbul for 17 years, studied environmental engineering in Istanbul Technical University. Then he got accepted to the film school FAMU in Prague. After studying film directing there, he studied... Voir la suite

Derniers commentaires

hi ezgi, thanks for your help! i wanted to use the 'father' figure because in many ways, my main character Rafet has been a father for all of the other four characters without any exaggeration. So basically, i just wanted to keep it as simple and real as it is. thank you again for your support and your question,
It seems like an interesting project. I am looking forward to the film. I am wondering why you focused on the father figure? Best of luck!