For the release of their first abum "Eyes Wide Opium", The Dali Thundering Concept needs your help to produce its video clip.


The project

We needs your help to fund our video clip.


The video clip will be a fiction, a short cut expose four characters, in four differents situations and environnements. these four sequences will evolve in parallel and are actually surealistic retranscriptions of the ideas exposed in the song. the absurdity of these four unconventional situations will be  supported by some photographic aestheticism; and will illustrate the paraddoxal union of violence, lightness and insanity delivered by the bands music. This video clip is an ambitious project as it isn't centered around band sequences. It will expose four actors, and each one of them will embody a whole story.


Why fund it?

This video clip needs a very high aestetiscisme of image. We need funds for material such as: the renting of a camera capable of doing slowmotion, lights, machinerie (for travelling for example), but also for the technician, the transport, the food, and so on.


The project was created in 2010. After recording a few songs like "Clockodile" or "The burden of the crown", the band wrote his first EP "When X met Y" , and released it in july 2012 . The goal of this concept Ep is to understand art and its evolution. Assuming that art is made of two components, the X and the Y, representing respectively knowledge and... See more

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Manda la pompa e patin cofin Cela se lit de façon ternaire en 6/8 c-à-d Mannnnda la pouuumpa e patiiing coufiiing Ps : le "o" se prononce "ou" quand il n'a pas d'accent et le "in" se prononce "ing" en étouffant le "g" comme une gost note . A bon Normandeur salut
Vivement la sortie du clip et de l'album ! Bon courage dans la collecte !
Allez, courage les gars ;)