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The Judgy Vegan is a café-bar imagined by 3 vegans, a place where you’ll be able to find delicious pastries and tasty hot dishes. None of our food ingredients, cleaning or other products comes from animal exploitation. It’s an innovative concept that has proven to be successful in many European cities already. And it will contribute to make the capital of Europe a top destination in terms of ethical and flavoursome food. 






The Judgy Vegan is also a team of 3 young women, Nastasia, Céline and Julie, who met in an animal protection group at university (Cercle Antispéciste de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles). We organised manyfold activities, including conferences, on the occasion of which we sold sweet and savoury pastries with great success.





As vegans living in Brussels, we know from our own experience that the demand for vegan food places is very high, but the offer is far from being satisfactory.







Our main preoccupation is animal ethics. That’s why we’ll never use meat, dairy products, eggs, honey or palm oil in our preparations. What’s more, we commit to use organic, locally grown and Fairtrade products (coffee, cocoa and tea will always be Fairtrade) as much as possible. All packaging will be biodegradable.


“...but everyone is welcome”


At the same time, we’d like to deconstruct the cliché that vegans love judging others. We wish to create a pleasant and welcoming space for everyone and which proves that vegan food is super tasty. That's also the reason why we will offer daily gluten free versions of our dishes.




Why fund it?

How does KissKissBankBank work ?


It’s a crowdfunding website functioning according to the “all or nothing” principle, which means that we need to reach 12000€ to successfully finish the campaign and thus receive the donated funds.

In order to thank you for your financial support, you’ll be able to choose between different compensations, which are listed on the right side of the page. If you’d like to receive more than one compensation, you can select several of them.   




Why this campaign and how will the funds be used?


During our participation in the Make Brussels contest organised by the city of Brussels, we had the opportunity to lay the groundwork for the development of our project. There we met different financial and marketing experts, which helped us make concrete plans.


Those different steps are completed by a financial follow-up, ensured by the Guichet d’Economie Locale (GEL- office for local economy) of Brussels. We decided to launch this campaign to complement our personal provision of capital and the loan that we will apply for.


Being able to collect these funds is a crucial precondition for us to be able to open our café-bar. They will be used to buy utensils which are essential to create our products.


N.B. : If we succeed in this campaign, 8% of the sum collected goes to KissKissBankBank. This means that if we raise 12000€, 960€ will be deducted as well as the costs for the different compensations (material and shipping).


-       Oven = 1800 €

-       Coffee maker = 2000 €

-       Refrigerated display case = 1700 €

-       Waffle maker : 120 €

-       Sandwichmaker = 100 €

-       Other utensils, pots and pans

-       Logo on our shop window

-       Tables and chairs, second hand bought





The Judgy Vegan

It is at university that our activist journeys encountered: we met at the Cercle Antispéciste at the Free University of Brussels - ULB. While planning conferences and stands on animal rights and veganism with success, we became friends and decided to launch the common project that is our café-bar. The Judgy Vegan is an innovative vegan place,... See more

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Vraiment super soin comme projet
Courage les filles vous faites un super cool projet! Je vois que je suis pas la seule à vous écrire du Canada!!
Good luck, all the best!!! Hope your place is very successful. I appreciate the vegan effort in Brussels :) Cheers from Canada