Take part in the Kili Project by helping Thomas & Lorena fund their climb and record a video about their adventure !


The project

Thomas & Lorena have accepted the challenge to climb Mount Kilimandjaro in order to support two UK-based charities : Meningitis Research Foundation, and Practical action. 


This solidarity project is divided in two distinctive parts, two challenges :


> The fundraising (2 250£ each) throughout the year

> The climb of Mount Kilimanjaro (5 895m of altitude!) next September 


We plan to record this year of fundraising as well as the climb, so that afterwards we can share a video of this fantastic adventure. We would like to show that the youth can be involved and committed in solidarity projects, that they care about what is happening in the world, and that they are able to make things CHANGE


This project requires a lot of motivation and personal involvement : it implies organisation, time, energy, perseverance... But it is an extraordinary experience that means a lot to us. 



Why fund it?

We commited to raise by our owns the money given to our two charities. That's why, as you can see in the video, we have organised several fundraising activities such as street collections, stalls, dinners... We also have asked administrations and some companies to sponsor us, but are still waiting for answers... Although it is really hard to achieve, we are motivated, and know we will make it :)  


Therefore, this crowdfunding page will help us for the climb and the production of the video. 

Flight tickets, visas, vaccines, all of that is already paid. However, we haven't had the money to invest in propper trekking equipment yet. 


Because climbing Mount Kilimandjaro is not a stroll, nor a common trek, we can't go there with random equipment. We're gonna go up to 5,895 meters of altitude, our days are gonna count up to 12 hours of walk, and our nights - 25°C (-13°F) ! 

Moreover, we really want to record good-quality pictures and audio of what we're going to see and hear : we're gonna go through 5 types of landscapes, and haul ourselves to the highest view spot in Africa... Likewise, we want to show you the reality of this year of fundraising and this week of climbing, to show hard moments as well as the good ones, the ones of sharing. So that we can broadcast the most authentic, genuine and humane video. And prove that solidarity still exists amongst the youth, that there is hope for the future


That's why we need some help to buy the adequate equipment that will help us achieve our aims, and that is quite expensive (sleeping bags for extremely cold conditions, resistant travel bags, HD camera -Go Pro or Go Pro like -, sturdy trekking shoes ... everything for two !!) 



We really want to insist on the fact that climbing Kilimanjaro is not a leisure holiday. Besides being a physical challenge that will require a lot of preparation, its aim is to support morally and financially a charity that we think is worth it, and to invite our friends, our families, our readers to take part in this experience, by accepting this challenge :)



Nous, c’est Thomas, 22 ans, et Lorena, 21 ans. En couple (l’ascension d’une montagne prend tout de suite un aspect plus romantique n’est-ce pas?), nous sommes deux franciliens en écoles de commerce. Thomas se spécialise cette année dans l’entreprenariat et la création d’entreprise. En effet, son année de découverte personnelle en Australie lui a fait... See more

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GOOD LUCK & ENJOY ! Have a wonderful trip.
Beau Projet !! Bonne chance et bon courage à vous deux !! Bisous Antoine
Joli projet ! Good luck !!