Good knowledge and collaboration is vital for the coworking community. Join us, and help create the new Deskmag.


The project

Update: We successfully finished the crowd funding campaign. Thanks to all contributors who supported the new Deskmag!!


We've received many emails from people who missed our campaign, or preferred other payment options such as Paypal. That's why we've created an online store, still offering some of our rewards.


You also can support us by taking part in our 4th Global Coworking Survey as part of our goal to provide you with the latest stats about coworking:! More info you'll find here.





Deskmag has been the primary publication of the coworking movement for the last three years, sharing knowledge and stories about coworking across the globe. During this time we have reached almost a million visitors who have followed the evolution of this creative and independent work style.


Now we are asking for your support so we can continue to improve our work and keep you up to date and informed about the coworking evolution. We will convert Deskmag into a more collaborative platform, providing you with more stats and stories about growing coworking communities. Each donation will be dedicated to this project by supporting the Global Coworking Survey, the Coworking Market Report, the Coworking Library and the transformation of our beloved magazine into an online platform with more content and analysis tools!


Do you love coworking? We do too! Good knowledge and collaboration is vital for the coworking community. So join us in keeping Deskmag alive and making it better.


Never heard of coworking? Check this video, explaining coworking in two minutes, including some stats of Deskmag.








Deskmag reports on coworking from the inside out. We venture out and do fieldwork all across the globe, seeing it as a way to interact with founders and members of coworking spaces. We provide original material for our articles, ranging from interviews to statistics.






An example of our in-depth statistical research is our Annual Global Coworking Survey. Since 2010, we have conducted three studies, and are busy preparing our 4th. Last year, more than 2,000 people took part in our survey. Not only did it provide valuable information for free, but it was also referenced by a wide variety of publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, LeMonde, FAZ and The Guardian.






Surveys are often quite expensive... really expensive. We have eliminated these expenses by using our knowledge in market research to conduct  the surveys on our own. We wanted to give people a free overview of the coworking economy, so they can focus on what's even more important things, such as communities and spaces. With our data, we have helped people write business plans for coworking spaces, and also for expansions. With our data, even a coworking health insurance plan was created in Canada.


However, sometimes knowledge isn’t everything, it's also about the capacity. With each survey, we have received more data, and then have had to compare it with the previous studies, which doubles our workload each year. This year, we only could analyze the responses, but not all relations among them. With your support, we would like to make sure that we can analyze all results from the 3rd and upcoming 4th Global Coworking Survey.


The results will still be published for free, processed in various articles. As a thank you, we will provide these results in handy booklets, one for the 4th Global Coworking Survey, and another containing ALL Global Coworking Surveys which will also include a factual comparison of the development of the coworking economy in the last four years. We also will process these results in a printed market report with more insights, explanations, recommendations and background information, which you can also choose as a reward.




Each week, we receive dozens of emails about statistics and studies. Coworking spaces, both old and new, ask us to cover them in Deskmag stories. We also regularly receive many emails about events at coworking spaces which people would like to be covered on Deskmag. We're delighted by all of these emails, and appreciate them a lot. However, we can't publish everything within our current structure. It's leading us to work beyond our limits and we can no longer respond to every email. Even though it breaks our hearts leaving some of our readers without a response, we would also like to focus more on our core content. That's why we will open a part of Deskmag to serve both the needs of our readers, and our need to work more efficiently.


The new website will give readers the opportunity to foster coworking knowledge. Readers, spaces and associations can create and curate content, such as summaries of new studies, scientific theses, as well as their own articles in a special edition of Deskmag.


The new Deskmag will include


1) A free online coworking library: The new Deskmag platform will allow our readers to share the latest research, studies and documents related to coworking in a well-structured and easy-to-use archive.

2) An open platform: Readers can contribute their own articles, as well as curate and share content related to coworking and their own coworking space or association.

3) A coworking event calendar that will regularly show local and global coworking event dates connected to the website of these events.  

4) We are often asked to cover new and more coworking spaces. To answer this need without changing the core of Deskmag, we will create a curated category, 'coworking creation'. It will become the base for a visual analysis tool and it will also give us the opportunity to improve our ability to count and keep track of coworking spaces worldwide. A summary of the development will be shared on Deskmag's website with the coworking community every six months. It will also give us a better chance to cover and identify different coworking spaces for our stories, which will widen cultural perspectives and allow us to share more experiences.

5) A job board for all employment opportunities found in coworking communities connected to their websites.   

6) A new design: Our main focus is dedicated to the content. However, after more than three years, our website needs an upgrade to integrate these new tools and to respond to new reading behaviors. Again the main design won't be changed. We will keep it simple.


If we can collect more than 20,000 Euro, we also will introduce an interactive analytic tool for surveys and an integrated graphic tool which will allow readers to make your own charts according to topic of interest.






We already have enough content and data to create a comprehensive market report, which can't be reduced to a booklet. The printed edition will be a sleek issue featuring insights and trends taken from our own market research over the past years. It will also include knowledge of external studies, as well as new stories, interviews, and a selection of Deskmag's most popular articles for background information. It will allow Deskmag to spread the word on coworking and reach more people. It is also a way for coworking space operators, independently from their local work, to show that they are part of a bigger economy. 








Deskmag is the online publication dedicated to coworking. We explore this new movement of collaborative work spaces, and its members, across the globe. For our readers, we give detailed insights on how coworking spaces have started, how they have grown, and how they can be be improved. We regularly provide tips and tools for those who are interested in working independently. At its core, Deskmag shows the ways in which people can benefit from coworking in many aspects of their lives and how to setup and improve coworking spaces according to the needs of their members.

Why fund it?

Over the course of the past four years, Deskmag has proven itself as a useful and authentic publication dedicated to the coworking movement. Only with your support will we be able to continue our work and to develop a more collaborative version of Deskmag with more stories, stats and analysis tools. In addition, we will also be able to pay our talented contributors to help us work towards our goals.


For 10.000 Euro:

1. We can secure the production of the 3rd and the 4th Annual Global Coworking Survey and share the results in digital booklets = € 3.000

2. We will create a new website with an updated and easy-to-use interface. We will also include all of the aforementioned features, such as the coworking library, a more advanced tracking system for coworking spaces, and a reader’s edition of Deskmag = € 4.200.

3. We will publish a printed version of Deskmag as a reward for you and distribute another part in selected stores and coworking spaces around the world = € 1.300

4. We will cover the expenses of this campaign = € 1.500.


For 15.000 Euro: We are able to publish more stories on coworking and can enhance our market research. Fresh stats are the most useful stats.


For 20.000 Euro and more: We will introduce an interactive analysis tool of our market research. Readers will be able to create their own stats, tables and graphs.


If you wanna support us by Paypal, please send your support including an information about your chosen reward to




Deskmag is the magazine about coworking, its people and spaces. Founded in 2010. For information about the campaign, please contact

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Congratulations on reaching your goal. Deskmag is a fantastic and much needed resource.
Happy to help you. Wish Deskmag all the best. Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz :-)
Glad I got this in just under the wire! As far as our reward and the attribution on the list of supporters, I'd love it simply listed as donated by "The Salt Mines." Thanks again for all you do for coworking!