The Superfoods Cafe is a dream come true. Perfect location is found, papers are signed, but we do need to renovate it and get appliances ;-)


The project



.. well, we are not quiet open yet, but if all goes well we will be for "la rentrée" beginning of September and I am so excited about it you don't even know. The idea of The Superfoods Café wasn't born over night. Like in good food menus; the right combination needed to be found. An investor who was supporting my project and concept needed to be found; the right location; which we did find in the heart of Paris, in the 7arrendissement, right between école militaire and Invalides and across from the UNESCO.




I am a certified holistic health coach from the Institute for Integretive Nutrition in New York and have a background in hospitality. I love being around good food, I breath, talk and walk food I tried different food trends, but it did not work for me. I needed to learn to listen to my body. No ONE diet works for everybody. We are all different individuals with different needs. I learned about my food intolerances and allergies and changed and eat now accordingly.




My love for food; good quality food, and my conviction that a lot of disease can be prevented by making better food choices, I convinced my investor and launched my project: The Superfoods Café. My goal is to spread the word to make it a healthier place with just a few simple changes. My changes start to serve food that works for everybody: fresh, local grown, non processed food, for the busy people who just stop by for a quick lunch break, the mothers who wish to stay healthy or get more energy to keep up with their little ones, or anyone else who wants to have a quick healthy bite, in form of a healthy sandwich, soup or salad, a fresh juice, a cup of organic coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a nice chat with me about health or anything else. I am thrilled to offer mostly organic products with many gluten free options.





Why fund it?

The funds will be going into renovation and decoration, plus appliances for the little cafe:

painting, replacing the floor and sanitaries, getting seating, tables and shelves 2500€


The work will be all done by my friends and I.


We do need appliances like a food processor that includes a blender for our daily detox smoothies;  vegetables and fruits can be cut  fresh for healthy sandwiches, salads and soups. Refridgerators and a professional coffee/tea/hot chocolate machine 2500€




My name is Elke and I am original from the South of Germany but have been living abroad for about 20 years, mostly in California and Paris; France, where I still live with my 7year old son. I always had a passion for food, 10 years ago I was vegan and macrobiotic, and I don't say this was a bad choice, it just wasn't the right one for me and listening to... See more

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Thank you Andrea! Your support means a lot!! Xx
Best of success with the cafe!