After six years of gigs, it's time to produce our 1st record, and with your help, in the better conditions.


The project



We are  The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra : eighteen musiciens gathered in a mad trash orchestra, a happy mix of sound excentricity, of heady melodies and groove enjoyement. After six years of gigs, it's time to produce our 1st record, and with your help, in the better conditions.






Since 2006 that the earth bear  The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra, the civilization can't wait anymore : no sound, no vidéo, no complete record except gigs ! We are, of course, conscious of the revolutionary role of this situation : in the soundcloud period, the Very Big can just be heard live, in a powerfull postmoder act which refreshes the important of ephemere art, present moment, and finallly, LIFE ! Time has come, my friend, to  throw us in the big adventure of mass merchandising. Time has come to let you hear freely  The Jewish Cowboy in your living room, to allow Waiting in the toaster sounding in your flat's corridor, for Cinderella to fill the world at any time. It's time for you winter loneliness to disappear simply clicking the play button.






We are not going to explain you the financial run that the brave warriors went through to be able to make two drums, a vibraphone, and a big fat dozen of brass, an electric guitare, a bass, a keyboard, some bodypercussions, some collectiv impros, Médéric Collignon, Fish Le Rouge, a women choir, and all our guest in one record. This last one, well mixed, beautifully pressed, and magnified by an awesome pack made by the graphist  Jérôme Dupré La Tour. Part of the record as already been shot at Studio Supadope Factory (Subsistances in Lyon) and at studio Mikrokosm (Villeurbanne). The mix and master planed for december 2013 and the record diffusion starts March 2014.









Each 10 days, while the crowdfunding, a band or artist compagny, will convice you that helping the Very Big's next record, can potentially save the world. Last week, it was the Cirque Plume who opened the series. We continue this week with Bigre!



Why fund it?


It allows to pay part of the record cost. The other part is taken by the association La Grande Expérimentale that manages the Very Big.

Use of the money :

Record/take : 3000€

Mix= 700€

master= 300€


Real Fees :

Record/take : 4200€

Mix/Master = 3600€


Répartition de la collecte :

Enregistrements / Prise : 3000€

Mixage : 700€

Master : 300€


Frais réels :

Enregistrement / Prise : 4200€

Mixage & Master : 3600€

The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra

The Very Big... De fait, le Very Big est un gros orchestre. 18 musiciens acharnés, réunis autour d’une partition singulière charpentée par Grégoire Gensse. Expérimental... Assurément ! Avec comme règle absolue de porter la musique à ses extrêmes limites. Fondé sur un jazz puissant et savamment maîtrisé, le Very Big est une fantasque... See more

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