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It's been 2 years now since we've released our first EP, 1STEP. Cheered up by our audience that we've met on stage in clubs, small theaters and also some bigger stages (Laiterie, Strasbourg, Festival Décibulles in 2013, Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges 2013) we've decided to create our first album.



We give you a foretaste of the album with Frozen Hands, 3 tracks released last may and also a new video right here: 




We've got a lot of stuff to share but we picked 12 songs for the album.

After trying a lot of different ways to record (in a studio, a living-room, a shower...) we chose to make this album on a stage that we know well, the CIM in Bar le Duc, a music school and local stage where we've recorded our first EP.


So here we go for 2 weeks of hard work in october with our sound engineer who follow us since the beginning.


And here you come, helping us to produce this nice project.

As well as an infinite joy for being part of the creation of our album you will gain access to some exclusive stuff (limited edition of Frozen Hands EP, album preview and others sweet treats...)


The album release is in february 2015.
















Why fund it?

It will be used for the costs of the recording, our sound engineer's wages (recording and mixing), the print of 1000 cds with original artwork by a graphic designer and also the usual fees linked to every phonographic edition.


We will have to take care of several other things like mastering (last step of a recording), the print of T-shirts and other goodies but also the postal costs for the album or the wages of a webmaster for our website for example.


Our goal is 4000 euros, divided like that:


2000 euros for recording and mixing

1200 euros for printing 1000 cds

800 euros for other costs (fees, graphic designer etc.)


So that's it! We would like to thank you anyway et we leave you! See you soon!






The Walk

Following their first release 1STEP and several concerts in clubs and festivals in France, The Walk bring out Frozen Hands, Someday and Wondering 3 new hypnotic tracks sketching the wild and melancolic world of their first album planned for 2015. On september 29, 2014 the new music video Frozen Hands is released. This short film picturing the self... See more

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