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The project



This Wall is a way to prove the World a group of citizens is no FOOL and is actually saying NO to the system. By resisting temptation in a world that encourages consumption. By refusing to scratch a REAL lottery ticket and exhibiting it like a painting. All of us, together.

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The Wall of Temptation by Clara Feder is a  worldwide participative art project that was first held in Marseille last October. It has been invited by Cutlog Art Fair NY as one of the Live performances for its next edition May 8 -11, 2014.



How does the performance work ?

The participants go through an experiment :  they're given a REAL lottery ticket (scratchable).  Will they resist temptation or not?

Those who have resisted  - who haven't scratched -  get to build the Wall of Temptation live, by posting their tickets on the Wall, after they signed it or wrote on it. Their action is immediately photographed by Clara Feder. Their image is posted on the virtual Wall after the performance.

Eventually, the « rebels» are all part of the Wall on the site.





The big question

Can one resist Temptation in a world that does not ?

The Wall of  Temptation tackles the issues of desire and temptation in fast forward societies where the pursuit of consumption and yielding to temptation are encouraged/the norm. 

As an artist, Clara Feder’s role is to question this assumption, stage a situation, propose a confrontation. A lottery ticket is a strong symbol of temptation, a curious object at the crossroads between the indivual, the political and the social realms.


History of project

The Wall of Temptation was first performed in Marseille last October, commissionned by FING. 

It gathered 500 people among which 350 participated during the performance hours, among which 280 didn’t scratch their ticket. At all.

In addition to the performance, interviews made it possible to get deeper into the question of temptation.


And after?

The next performances will hopefully be held in Hong Kong, Berlin, London.

How will each city fare? Will it resist more or less? How many particpants will scratch? A real cliff hanger here!




Who is Clara Feder ?

Clara Feder is a multi-media artist : photography, installations, performances, video and writing.

Read more here .

While helping the project, you’ll be seizing a rare opportunity to directly possess an artwork by Clara Feder, may be meet her and to be part of a worldwide art community.



Patrick de Wilde : an artist came to the first performance because he wanted NOT to resit tempation, but ended up resisting. Why ? Here’s what he wrote.




Supported by




Why fund it?

We are asking for what we think is going to make the Wall of Temptation go to New York at a minimum cost :


travel from Marseille to New York city

building the Wall on location (The Wall is 118in by 59in)

mounting and demounting the performance stand

video shooting

people helping

and, of course, buying the tickets ! (because, in case you still have doubts, they are REAL lottery tickets !)

eventually, if you feel like giving us more than what we're asking for, please do so, you'll be more than welcome!

Clara Feder

Clara Feder is a fine art photographer and artist born in Paris. She studied cinematography at New York University Film school, New York, USA and has a Master in New Technologies from Paris 8 University, Paris, France. Her last installation invested the musée Grobet Labadié in Marseille, her photographs have been exhibited in Paris, Londres, Marseille... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Comment puis-je participer Live?

Vous pouvez vous rendre à une performance quand elle a lieu, si elle a lieu sur votre continent. Une fois que vous y êtes, Clara Feder vous donnera un ticket de loterie à gratter. Vous aurez le choix entre le gratter ou pas.

+ Que se passe-t-il si je gratte?

Si vous cédez à la Tentation en grattant, 2 choses peuvent se produire : vous avez gagné ou pas. C'est purement une question de chance. Si vous avez gagné de l'argent, vous pouvez garder le ticket, ou bien le rendre à Clara Feder, car tout de même, c'est elle qui vous l'a donné!

+ Que se passe-t-il si je ne gratte pas?

Si vous ne grattez pas, vous pouvez signer votre ticket de votre nom, ou bien écrire un message qui vous tient à coeur. Puis vous apposez le ticket sur le Mur de la tentation.

+ Quels sont mes bénéfices si je ne gratte pas?

Vos bénéfices n'ont pas de prix. Premièrement, vous savez désormais que vous pouvez résister. Que cela ait été facile ou pas, c'est une action dont vous pouvez être fier. Deuxièmement, Clara Feder vous prendra en photo pendant que vous apposez le ticket. Puis elle affichera votre photo sur le Mur virtuel ( Ainsi, non seulement vous aurez construit le Mur en réalité avec tous les autres, mais en plus vous serez sur le Mur virtuel visible dans le monde entier.

+ Puis-je donner mon opinion au sujet de la Tentation?

Bien sûr! Vous pouvez parler à l'interviewer sur place pendant la performance. Vous pouvez aussi vous filmer et envoyer la vidéo à Clara.

+ How can I participate Live?

You can go to a performance whenever there is one. Check out when it happens on your continent. Once you get there, Clara Feder will give you a lottery ticket. You'll have the choice of scratching the ticket, or not scratching it.

+ What happens if I scratch?

If you yield to Temptation by scratching, 2 things can happen : either you have won, or you have'nt. This is merely a question of chance. If you have won some money, you can keep the ticket, or give it to Clara Feder, because after all, she's the one who gave it to you!

+ What happens if I don't scratch?

If you don't scratch, you can sign your name on the ticket, or write any message that you feel like writing. Then you can post the ticket on the Wall.

+ What are my benefits if I don't scratch?

our benefits are unvaluable. First, you know that you have resisted. Wether it was easy for you or not, it's an act that you can be proud of. Second, Clara Feder will take your picture while posting your ticket on the Wall. Then she will post your picture on the virtual Wall ( Therefore not only will you have built the Wall in reality, together with many people, but you'll also be on the virtual Wall, watched by everybody.

+ Can I give my opinion on the question of Temptation?

Of course you can! You can speak to the interviewer at the performance. You can also film yourself and send the video to Clara.

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Super projet. Hâte de poser mon ticket !