First limited edition of 25 exemplaries of Elryc Bathory's illustration called "This Is My Voice, My Weapon Of Choice".


The project

My name is Elryc Bathory, I'm a 25 years old self-taught french artist and pro-free-culture.


I do traditional/digital drawings, paintings and sculptures and I also design furnitures.


The essence of my work, the image, is available on the web for free so people can share it.


My need to create grows day by day, I need to spend as much time as possible creating which is why I need to make a living with my art.


That is why, I decided, after opening a shop on Society6 and DeviantArt for low priced prints, to start a campaign to make 25 copies signed,numbered and dated by hand of my Illustration : "This Is My Voice, My Weapon Of Choice" representing Grace Jones .




This digital painting illustrates the song "This Is" from the album Hurricane by Grace Jones.


The portrait of Grace Jones is inspired by the "cybernetic" head created by Jean-Paul Goude used in the famous ad for the Citroën CX in 1986.



Here is the Black and White version:




Here is the Stationery Card version:




The drawing I'll add in it will be a portrait like the ones you can see at this address:

Why fund it?

400 euros will be used to buy 25 colored exemplaries through Society6*.


Each will cost me 16 dollars without the shipping costs to what I add KissKissBankBank's expenses and the cost of shipping the rewards.


*(Society6 is based in the U.S.A.; I will hopefully buy the prints while the shipping is free on Society6)


Each numbered, signed, dated exemplary is set to have a value of 30 € through KissKissBankBank.

Any exemplary unsold through the KissKissBankBank campaign will be on sale later on for 40 € each.


PS: If the campaign is successfull, I pledge to give 5% of the surplus (if there is ) to other projects in the art cotegory.

                  Ex: If I get 540€ I have a surplus of 100€ so I have 5€ to pledge to other projects.


My name is Elryc Bathory, I am a 25 years old french self-taught artist and a pro-free-culture. I do drawings paintings sculptures and design. See more of my work at