Games, services, education, advertising, events, tourism, spare, sport, everything is possible with tig'zz!


The project

TIG'zz : One world which moves !!




Why fund it?


We already have :

Created all the legal part of the project

Protected the project by copyright (design, logo, brand ...)

Designed the 700 project interfaces.


There remains us only to program the android application, and the responsive website.

To make marker, simple messages and drawer ones works, we need 10 000 euros and 990 euros for KissKissBankBank.



2500 persons that give us 5 euros and the account is good.

And with 14,000 euros more, the site and the apllication will work with all options (the proximal mode, the relay option, chest, and offline).


And with even more, we could pay the bills for the first year !



Thank you so much !


TIG'zz was born from my own professional experience, graduate in public education, beekeeping, and buff off sports and games! My knowledge is very different!