To create a large scale mural on one of the walls in Mnyenzeni Primary Schools in Kenya and to make a documentary film of the project.


The project



We are two artists wanting to go to Kenya to paint a large scale mural in a primary school in Kenya as well as to run various art workshops and to make a documentary film of the project.



We have been invited by the charity Koins for Kenya: which works to build bridges across the world and to offer educational opportunities where there are none in rural Africa. We have been invited to come and create a mural on one of their school walls. Please look at their website and the amazing work they do.


Koins for Kenya will be offering us a place to stay in their community in the south of Kenya free of charge along with full board during our stay in exchange for our work.


We will be working on a voluntarily basis and the money that we are aiming to fundraise will help us cover the cost of our air fares, various art materials for the art workshops and the realisation of the mural as well as buying video equipment to make the documentary film.


It would be absolutely amazing if you would be willing to help make our dream and this project happen.


Your help and support would be much appreciated.  


Thank you.







Why fund it?

We will be working on a voluntary basis and the money we will fundraise will help us cover:


- The cost of our air fairs


- The cost of paint, undercoast, vanish and bruches for the mural


- Art materials for the art workshops for the children.


- Buying film equipment for the making of the documentary film.


- Cost of the various prints for Kiss Kiss bank bank gifts and their fee.




Myriam Goldenlight

MYRIAM GOLDENLIGHT. Born in Paris France in 1978. Fine Art Degree in sculpture from Leeds university uk in 2000. Ma in Cultural and Art Management, Sussex University in 2006. Myriam’s art is a free-flowing fusion of colour and form, rich and expressive, boldly promoting well being. Her art is an alchemical synthesis of intuitive and balanced... See more

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What a gorgeous project for you both and the children. Sending much love. Moira x xx
How exciting. Have a wonderful trip! We don't need a reward, but would love to borrow a copy of the documentary at some point to see your adventures. With much love, Rebecca & Sascha. xx