Tomb Raider depicts an intense and visceral story of the Lara Croft's origins. Her fear pushes her on being an hardened survivor.


The project

A TV' report for the film.


And the first teaser




The initial idea was to realise a project about human endurance (drive into a corner) what mixes up adventure and pain. As often happens, we are facing hard choices, but what would be happening if we were facing extrem situation ? Gamers explored those main subjects into the Tomb Raider Reboot Saga, where Lara Croft was reshuffled. Always kept by the most important blockbusters, some gamers want to propose their own vision and adaptation of the game. This movie is a way to prove that a superb and true short film could be directed by "green" frenchies, in association with a young production company, in a professionnal environment.   « This project has no commercial and profit-making goals. All the raise funds are going to be used for only the below described expenses. » 03_synopsis SHOWREEL OF THE DIRECTOR  04_titre_visionreal05_visionreal   06_titre_tournage The film will be composed of nine sequences. You can see some images of the first sequence already shooted with an EPIC RED in Switzerland, with the help of the Val-de-Travers region and Neuchâtel canton. 07_tournage08_personnages_titre       09_personnages_lara10_personnages_visiteur11_personnages_vladimir12_personnages_autres13_titre_lieux The shooting will take place first, in Switzerland for its amazing landscapes and around Paris for the interior scenes. 14_lieux15_duree16_equipe    

Why fund it?

Our partner, Oniryk Productions, has already invested into the project human resources with motivated and professional talents.

Camera and lenses are provided by the company. Around 5000 € of material has been already invested. Even though we have already this investissement, we still needed funds to make the most realistic short film. That’s why we thought about funds raising, in fact we wanted to make the fans and cinephiles helping us to make that dream comes true. The participation of a production company permits an organised gestion of the funds. The money will be used for :


We count on you ! We look forward to starting this exceptional shooting !


Aurélien Sallé started to be passionate by the theatre at 13 years old and started the direction at 19 years old. He learnt advertising graphics for two years in Angers. He started a career in Audiovisual as an editor assistant and then editor. Five years later, he was hired by an audiovisual company and works for multiples advertising companies... See more

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Bonjour, sans nouvelles depuis février... Déjà presque 3 ans qu'on vous a confié notre argent. Alors mémé si le film a pris du temps a faire, comment expliquer le manque de nouvelles? Dans le principe, ce projet n'aurait pas vu le jour sans nous les kissbankeurs... dommage de ne pas tenir compte de nos attentes.. Une seule question? quand recevront nous nos contreparies?
Bonjour, Pourrions-nous avoir un petit résumé de ce qui s'est passé, s'il vous plait ? Savoir ou vous en êtes de ce projet que nous sommes tous impatients de voir. Cordialement, Ella38
Sinon pour ceux qui ont contribuer à l'avancée de ce projet, ça serait peut-être pas mal de donner des nouvelles de ce que vous faites avec l'argent qu'on vous a donner il y a 1 an de ça déjà.....