ALL WITH SHILD Stop to ordinary and poorly done belts! Join in with the movement and get your shield!


The project




In Cute originated from a desire to respect the hand-craft traditions of the saddler and leather-goods manufacturer professions.


‘In Cute’ means ‘in the skin’ in Latin. The work made by the skin, the work that I have under my skin.





------------ Wearing In Cute shield means sharing our values ------------





Situated in the Pépinière du Viaduc des Arts, near Bastille, in Paris, I realized all my creations there. I work according to old technics and repeat ancient gestures. For example, I innovate by creating a new belt buckle: the buckle BADGE.


A greyhound is represented on my shield. It is the perfect symbol of my work: robustness and elegance. The greyhound looks back, where I draw my know-how; it lifts up its leg as I move forward.






I created that belt buckle because I want to offer:


A sober, creative and unisex design

An outstanding quality of materials which ensures its durability

An adjustable concept for more personalization

fair and honest price considering the production costs


----------------------- CREATE YOUR OWN SHIELD -------------------------

-------------------- by choosing your belt buckle and your leather ------------------

------------------------ and reflect your personality ------------------------



Anne-Sophie, Anne, Lionel, Sébastien and Alice: each of them is wearing a different belt designs with a personal choice of leather and of finishing touches for the belt buckle.




My project is to adapt the SHIELD belt buckle as a jewel’s clip to offer a larger variety of bracelets and to keep the same concept of interchangeability and of large choice of goods. Here my first 3D draft of the project :






I have prepared special offers for every budget, hoping that you will find the one that suits you.




Here is the wide range of sewing threads and leathers among which you can choose for your belts, bracelets, shoes’ jewels and card carriers, as well as the metal finitions for the SHIELD buckle and for the bracelet’s clip.


------------------------- 25 possible combinations --------------------------



Why fund it?

-- Prototyping of the bracelet clip / 600€

-- Depository system and protection of the models / 400€




To realize my plan, Einstein did a cross multiplication and ensured that I need the following money:




As Einstein was bored, he did a second cross multiplication and said that if we reached a second stage of:




I will be able to produce a second buckle for the UNIFORMI strap. I need more 600€ to realize the prototype and if the fundraising goes beyond that, all my dreams will become true!






Trained in the Ateliers Grégoire, Karoline Bordas is a saddler- leather goods manufacturer. She won her spurns in the studio of a great Parisian saddler, before launching In Cute. Supported by Fondation Bettencourt-Schueller and by Ateliers de Paris, she is in residence at the Pépinière du Viaduc des Arts. She embodies perfectly the traditional values of her profession and gave her modern vision through her works. Specialized in hand sewing, her skills express themselves in leatherwork and in sheath-making. No limits to creativity. The aesthetes recognize in her works the quality of a unique savoir-faire. Her motto ‘to create is first to observe’ expresses itself in her tailor-made pieces as well as in her leatherwork creations.

In Cute

Formée aux Ateliers Grégoire, Karoline Bordas est sellière-maroquinière et fait ses armes chez un grand sellier parisien avant de lancer In Cute. Soutenue par la Fondation Bettencourt-Schueller et les Ateliers de Paris elle est résidente de la Pépinière du Viaduc des Arts. Elle porte avec exigence les valeurs traditionnelles de son métier et impose sa... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Fait-main, c'est à dire ?

Le fait-main est un travail réalisé à l'aide d'outils, et non de machines. C'est la main qui réalise l'action principale.

+ Je peux passer à l'atelier ?

Nous ne sommes pas ouverts au public malheureusement, mais si tu contribues au KKBB tu auras une visite spéciale :)

+ Oui mais votre cuir, il vient d'où ?

Le cuir vient des maisons Fichet et Chadefaux. NDLR

+ La gomme arabique c'est naturel ?

100% oui. Plus connue sous le code E414 dans l'agroalimentaire, je l'obtiens en la diluant car c'est de la sève d'acacias !

+ Tannage végétal... avec des feuilles ?

Il y a longtemps le tannage végétal était réalisé avec des écorces de chêne principalement, aujourd'hui on utilise aussi du quebracho ou du mimosa, une tisane pour avoir la peau douce en quelque sorte.

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