Join the adventure of 3 Belgian students that really would like to do their internship in an NGO in Peru!


The project

Let us introduce ourselves!


We are 3 good friends and students in International Cooperation. During our last year of study we have the opportunity to do our internship abroad for 15 weeks. So we were happy to get in touch again with our friend Frederique, the founder of the NGO   Mama Alice, which is the NGO we did our internship in during the second year already.

Our intership this year will go from the first week of February till mid-May.


Mama alice in 3 words:

The NGO is working in Peru in Ayacucho.



Transparency: Mama Alice got thetransparency award 2 years in a row. In others words it’s a NGO you can really trust!

Education: This NGO is aiming first to take care and to help for the reinsertion of the street children by offering them courses and vocational trainings. Its philosophy is mainly based on strengthening the self-esteem of the youngsters.

Ecolodge: Mama Alice has a really nice project at the moment: an ecological hotel. In a few words the NGO still rely on the donations from Belgium and the Netherlands and decided to build up a project on the side that will make money so that the NGO could become self-sufficient. The ecolodge is a responsible and ecological hotel with a double impact for the NGO: First it would give a professional experience for the youths that were trained by Mama Alice. Secondly, all the money that it’s going to earn, will be dedicated to the education and trainings of the teenagers.



We will have different roles but aiming at the same direction.





Mathilde decided to promote the ecolodge and to give her help to the good realisation of this still running project as well. Since her 2 first loves are children and drama lessons, she is hoping to build up a drama show with the children of Ayacucho! Claudia will work with the teenage mothers and Olivier with the troubled youths. Both of them will have as a first goal to participate and extend the activities given by the NGO (to make new workshops about non-violent communication and on strengthening the self-esteem)


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Why fund it?

We count a budget between 850 and 1000€ for the filghts tickets, times 3. So juste to make sure, we wish to get 3000€. If we have anymore money after buying the filghts tickets the rest of the money will go for the passports, our vaccines and money to live there.

3 belges au perou

Olivier, alias Gandhi. 21 years old. Beside being a ginger once in a while, he is a very nice young man, always in a good mood and always there for a good laugh ! If there is one thing Gandhi likes mone than anything, it's football (the european one ;-) ) ! But also to EAT ! He also likes to brew beer now and then, but he is not giving up, one day, he'll... See more

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Félicitations les amis! Que votre chaleur et compassion change la vie de ces enfants et jeunes mamans au Pérou. Vous aller faire la différence... Il faut changer le monde, ca commence par faire cette petite vidéo... et partir a l'autre bout du monde.
Bon vent et merci à vous d'être vous.
Tjs dans les retardataires mais c'est fait! Je suis contente que vous ayez atteints les 100%!! Emilioo - famille Loupoigne :p