The Old Monkey and Francesca NAPOLI invite you to take part in the publication of 2 self-edited children’s books (eco-friendly printing mad


The project


The Old Monkey and Francesca NAPOLI invite you to take part in the publication of 2 self-edited children’s books (eco-friendly printing made in France). Come and celebrate travel, diversity and freedom. Art, language and the five senses will be the guests of honor…


How it all started.


The Old Monkey is an independent publishing brand name of adult and children’s works created in January, 2013 by Francesca Napoli, a 32-year old graphic designer whose lifelong passion has always been to observe and “build” images that combine diverse media (drawing, photography, collage and painting). It is in her travels around the world that Francesca has nurtured her love of color and shape, texture, taste, and the sound of words. She has participated in a wide-ranging array of projects as Global Sharing Matters (in India - 2006 and in Bolivia - 2005). For more informations about "Sharing Matters" :






Francesca is now engaged in the creation of a new line dedicated to meetings and discovery.


Presentation of the project.


The Old Monkey and Francesca invite you to take a walk with them. The books in this first collection are made of card stock since they are intended for our youngest readers. They are illustrated walks spanning five continents, and structured around the five senses: one page focuses on the sense of sight, another on touch, the next on hearing, etc. For locations outside France, the French text is accompanied by a translation in the language of the country visited. (the translations are presented by our team of certified translators).
































Works already in print: A Walk in London (bilingual, English-French) and A Walk in Paris. These are the first two volumes of the collection. 


We are finalizing A Walk in Paris. We shall reveal, exclusively, the inside pages of this second volume during the funding.

The Old Monkey goes to America in june, 2013. He will come back with two volumes in his suitcase : "A Walk in New York" (bilingual, French-English) and "A Walk In Quito" (bilingual, French-Spanish)



Visit our website to follow The Old Monkey 's trail.


Francesca has merged her own original illustrations and photographs, mounted on card stock and collaged in order to create these “illustrated objects”.

1 2 3Working with lighting effects, she has managed to stage the various elements in each scene to produce a “mini theater” kind of scenario with images appearing in relief. The books are windows opening onto a multitude of cultures. The card stock, postage stamps and mailing seals evoke the feeling of a parcel, or letter sent to the reader by an imaginary pen pal. On the end page can be found practical information regarding the monuments and sites referenced in the book.


The final product is unusual, visually aesthetic and handsomely crafted.


Technical details: the books are printed in  ‘quadrichromie’  (four color ink) on 900g/m2 (12mm) card stock. A matte transparent R° V° film is applied to the entire printed surface. The closed book measures 14x14 cm, and opens accordeon-style. The outside leaf serves as a wrap-around cover and spine to the book. Fully-opened, the book measures 98.5 cm.,  and is made up of seven sheets printed front and back totaling 14 pages. In order for this object to be comfortably handled, the four corners are rounded (to make things easier for little hands).





A little surprise :  The stamps on the cover will be printed on self-adhesive paper and actually pasted onto the book as if it had been sent in the mail…


This collection embodies sustainable and environmentally-friendly production methods. The printer responsible for the manufacture of this collection is certified Imprim’vert , (eco-friendly) PEFC and FSC (eco-friendly labels) We are committed to waste recycling, the use of organic inks, and the use of recycled papers from sustainably managed forests.

The collection will be printed and assembled in the Midi-Pyrénées. The vast majority of card-stock books are printed and assembled in Asia, and it was a challenge to find, in France, a company able to produce the required number of copies at an affordable unit price. We are fortunate to have found that rare gem !







Francesca is the author of the collection. She has created the prototype-design for each one, and is now proud to offer her services as publisher to make this collection available to the public. All that is needed now is some modest funding to finish the job and print up the first two books in the collection.


What has been done:  Two titles - A Walk in London and A Walk in Paris

- the illustrations and texts are complete and the prototypes are ready to be sent to the printer.


What remains to be done:  Printing, assembly and distribution.


You can visit us on ou  See you very soon !


Why fund it?


What will funding be used for?



PUBLISH the first two titles in the collection.

A Walk in London

-  A Walk in Paris

and thus open the Le Vieux Singe Publishing House


82% goes to the printing and assembly of the books [our quoted estimate (as of February 26, 2013) is of 2447€  TTC for 300 copies of each title. ie. 600 copies total]

10% for the production and postage of  contreparties (compensations??)

8% is to be deposited in KissKissBankBank.

Any remaining surplus funds will be assigned to:

- other KissKissBankBank. projects (one third);

- the addition of surprises to be included with the contreparties (one third);

- to helping me print other books in this collection.


2440€ + 10% = 2940€


And after the Fund-raising?


We will be able to proceed with the promotion and distribution of the collection. The books will be stored and placed on display in a Paris boutique (in the 17th arrondissement) where the opening of the Le Vieux Singe publishing house will be celebrated. To this event - An Exhibition of Travelling Photographs - autumn, 2013, will be invited all our supporters, to see the new collection and obtain their advance copies of the books.

Francesca, who lives in Paris, has easy access to an extensive network of bookstores specializing in children’s literature, international bookstores, and magazines featuring eco-friendly products. Furthermore, she envisages collaborations with local libraries, municipal pre-school and early childhood centers (for works assigned to the reading lists at city-run child care and pre-school centers) and any local businesses and organizations who may be interested in the collection. She will send out Press Kits to the relevant newspapers, radio stations and television programs. She will feature the collection at Book Fairs, on-line marketing sites (Tite-live, Place du Marché, FEL - {Fichier Exhaustif du Livre} etc…), and will register the collection with the “Guide de l’Edition Jeunesse, 2013”.


Le Vieux Singe et Francesca Napoli

Francesca Napoli has studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Paris and Amsterdam. For 7 years she pursued her passion in several countries throughout Europe, America and Asia. She returned to settle in Paris 4 years ago. As a graphic designer, Francesca has just launched the start-up “Le Vieux Singe” (The Old Monkey). They both love... See more

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