To keep on jumping and shooting marvellous photos to be published! Look at my Bio for details...


The project



Since my first skydive I realized that having the ability to see things from above is a privilege. Taking pictures of what I do is for me a way to make who looks at the photos participant of the deep beauty of things seen from this perspective. All this gives an added value to each shot, full of emotion and awareness of the uniqueness of every moment caught by the lens.


                   I took some photographs...





This is a jump of my AFF course, the one that allowed me to jump alone. The sky was not particularly clear, but after the looping off the plane (the famous Pilatus PC-6), it did not matter, was one of the most beautiful jumps I've done so far.





The parachute opens without problems: the pilot chute (top) pulls the bridle through the pod (the "pouch" containing the canopy) which contains the "parachute" main.


Here is the video of the launch:               



This was the next jump ... 3-1431810707             



The sun sets, a few clouds, you see still well below: you can not resist the temptation to leave the aircraft to hear the noise -ermh, the music- of the air that winds and slips on you in a surreal landscape...



It is said that only skydivers know why birds sing ...                                           




Here the full video: 




Once finished the AFF course? Keep on jumping!




The spring's weather does not bring much hot temperatures at exit altitude (4000 m Above Ground Level) but at evening a slight haze makes the sky even more inviting ...







Loop3-1431810846   Or 


When the summer comes, a few clouds certainly can not hide the intense yellow of the fields alternated with green lawns. So... Get out of the plane (750 XSTOL PAC) and ready for a great jump!




Concentration. Red light, then yellow and finally green: let's fly! 







But actually it all started this way ... Gopr3634_copia-1431810491 



(Intentionally I have not added a comment for this photo to leave the reader with the vision of the video: my first tandem jump)  


On mio blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram e on Flickr there are other photos that so far I have had the opportunity to shoot. These beautiful photographs were taken since I started, the desire to keep flying and taking new ones is really great!  




P.S. As in all disciplines a bit of practice is not bad ... This is the video in the wind tunnel Hurricane Factory Prague published SkydiveMag: Skydive Mag - Wind Tunnel, sitflying with Jonasskydivemag - Some basic sitflying with Jonas Krasa. Lots to learn but lot of fun! Many Thanks to my instructor



Why fund it?


The money collected will support the costs of my skydives in order to take pictures that will be included in the photo book that will be realised both on paper and digital version. More specifically, in fact, a single jump has the cost of € 72, which includes: equipment rental, cost aviation fuel, facilities and personnel involved. This is repeated for more launches in order to have the chance to take more pictures and capture the greatest number of events. The photographic equipment adds a cost of 300 €. The photographs shown in the links were taken over a period of about 70 launches.  


For more details and any questions I am always available, I will reply as soon as possible every message.





Hey! My name is Sebastiano, I'm 19 and as my avatar shows I'm a skydiver. I started jumping out of planes about two years ago and i never stopped. That's my passion: being able to see things from above, such beautiful scenarios for me is a sort of honour and a privilege. Taking photographs makes me able to share it with other.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Can I contribute more than once?

Of course! You can choose several times the same or different sum and you will receive a reward in return each time based on the import
Other questions? I am fully available: contact me!

+ Have I to contribute strictly based on pre-established imports?

No: You can contribute according to your ability and your will. The amounts of the rewards are bands, based on these receive the reward established.
Other questions? Contact me!