Be the first supporters of the unique football club with an artistic dimension in Milan.


The project

In the spotlight of the world exhibition in Milan 2015 and in the shadow of the Velasca tower, a new group is growing.


Internationally reknown artists and football fans have united around a project, the creation of a new football club called A.S. Velasca based in Milan.


Me, Régis Sénèque, French visual artist, I am supporting this project for its human and artistic dimensions. Cinderblock is at the centre of my work. Sculpture, drawing or performance element, it conveys multiple concepts which speaks of contemporary archeology, part of a whole, reduced distances. Present beyond borders, in Paris and Milan, my cinderblocks resonate with the Velasca tower, club symbol.








For an entire season, the A.S. Velasca will be the visual support of my cinderblocks.




Why fund it?

The collect will allow me to sponsor the A.S. Velasca club and so participate in the production of the official match kits (home and away) designed by the young designer Joana Saldanha De Almeida for the 2015/16 season whose costs are:


• match outfits (home and away): 60 x € 25.00 = € 1,500

• sewn escutcheons: 60 x € 01.50 + € 50.00 for the pattern = € 140

• black silkscreens on red jersey (Home) / red on white jersey (away) + € 50.00 for the pattern = € 170

• flocking = € 2.00 / number


Thus € 1,810 + flocking for the first official match outfits of the history of the A.S. Velasca club.


Moreover, if the collect exceeds € 2,000, my sponsorship will allow you to participate in the realization of the book "AS VELACA ANNO ZERO" to be published at the end of the season.






In order to allow my work to cross borders and to reach the heart of the world exhibition, your contribution will be crucial.


I will be the first sponsor and you will be the first supporters.





Régis Sénèque

Régis Sénèque is a visual artist. He was born in Suresnes in 1970, lives and works in Paris. Since 2007, on the basis of his life and his relationship to the world he has developed a plastic work that questions different notions related to identity, territory, reality of "things” and daily life. His work develops from intimate éléments: his body, his... See more

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