Lulu - Graine d'un monde, It's an organic and vegan tea room / restaurant, soon to be launched in the Dijon city center.


The project





LULU - Graine d'un Monde – It's an organic tea room, open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, where you'll find teas, of course, but also herbal teas, fresh fruit juice, latte with non-dairy milk for example and, for your delight,  cookies, muffins et other delicacies to go with.

For lunch, you'll be able to have something to eat, here or for take-away: salads, soups, sandwichs, tarts and savoury cakes will be on the menu. And everyday, one or two specials will be featured. As most of the ingredients being local, seasonal, and everything being home-made, there will not be a fixed menu. Every visit will be a discovery :-)


This is also a space where you'll be able to learn how to make you own déodorant, "toothpaste", or non-polluting cleaning product, and of course learn or perfect your cooking skills! There will be regular workshops that will grow as time goes. Themes will cover beauty products, household and vegan cooking.


Environmentally-friendly and cruelty free products will be available for those who can't or don't want to order online.


And for those who would like to find out more, as well as those already convinced, LULU - Graine d'un Monde – will organise screenings and talks about sustainable development on a regular basis.





They can be summed up by this quote:

« We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”


LULU - Graine d'un Monde – This project will rest on the three pillars of sustainability: social development, economic development and environmental protection.




Practically, this will translate into:

- ingredients that are local as possible and seasonal,

- Suppliers that follow fair trade principle and coops (La Nef for the bond, Enercoop for power supply, fair-trade certified for the non-local ingredients, ...),

- the Organic certification, and no animal products,

- as less allergens as possible, so as to not leave out the most sensitive amongst us,

- no animal-tested cleaning products,

- upcycling and recycling every time it is possible,

- as little packaging as possible and discounts for those bringing their own container ;-)

- prices that are fair and affordable to most,

- DIY/ « home-made » workshops, to become self-sufficient in your daily life, and consume less processed products : vegan cooking, beauty and household products ...

- A space in the right in middle of Dijon, accessible by public transport,

- transparency, and a real and deep commitment,

- and above all open-mindedness, tolérance and love




Passion and an irresistible desire to share!Image5-1439573088


Why fund it?

Start a business and open a tea room, it's quite a budget!


Between the purchase of leasing right, the equipment, the various costs to register the business, communication, and the initial ingredient purchase and cashflow... it is nearly  100.000 €  that I must put on the table.


Even with a down payment, the repayment of the bond is still high, making the profitability of the project more difficult. By calling up on you to source this 10.000€, I will reduce the bond repayment by 150 Euros per month, the equivalent of 2 weeks of electricity, or 75 kg of rice flour! ;-)


But beyond the financial aspect, I want to know today that you are interested by my project, that it touches you, that it speaks to you. That you are ready to support me to start, and that you'll be there when LULU - Graine d'un Monde - will be open.

This will also reassure the partners of this project (banks, insurer, suppliers, ...), but above all, it will confirm to me the idea that a (r)evolution is on its way, and that there are already many of us who want a fairer, healthier and more sustainable world.




Camille, almost 30 ans (but almost just!) and an adopted «dijonnaise ». At the age of 14, I became vegetarian and then vegan a bit more than a year ago. After completing a degree in Geology, I decide to work in professional Health and Safety (eh, why not?!), and then in sustainable development. Since I was a child I've always cared about others and... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Et le gluten dans tout ça?

Une grande partie de l'offre sera sans gluten

+ What about gluten?

Most of the offer will be gluten free

+ J'ai faim! Quand est que vous ouvrez?

Tout dépend du local! L'objectif est d'ouvrir fin 2015 - début 2016, j'espère pouvoir vous donner de bonnes nouvelles prochainement...

+ Lulu t'es où?

J'ai trouvé un super local en hyper centre ville, proche du tram et de la rue de la Liberté, mais rien n'est encore signé!
Dans tous les cas, je concentre ma recherche en hyper centre ville de Dijon...

+ Pourquoi 100% végétal?

Pour les humains, parce que plus du tiers des céréales produites dans le monde sert à nourir le bétail des pays riches, alors que 795 millions de personnes souffrent de la fin dans le monde
Pour l'environnement, parce que l'élevage émet presque 50% plus de gaz à effets de serre que tous les transports du monde réunis...
Pour les animaux, parce que dans la souffrance, nous sommes tous égaux, et que rien qu'en 2003, d'êtres vivants ont étés abattus en France (sans compter les poissons)...
Pour la santé, parce qu'aujourd'hui le lien entre consommation de produits animaux et maladies cardiovasculaires, cancer, accidents vasculaires cérébraux, diabète, ostéoporose, obésité et d'autres maladies est clairement établi...
Pour la paix, parce que l’eau est le nouveau pétrole, que les nations partiront bientôt en guerre pour elle, et qu'il faut environ 1500 litres d'eau pour un steak de 100g...
Pour tout ça à la fois, et bien plus encore...

+ Végane, vegan, késako?

Végane, c'est la traduction du mot anglo-saxon vegan.
Etre végane, c'est "exclure de son alimentation tout produit d’origine animale (= végétalien) et adopter un mode de vie respectueux des animaux (habillement, transports, loisirs…)." (merci Pti' Robert)

+ Local, c'est à dire..?

Consommer local, c'est d'abord chercher près de chez soi, en l’occurrence proche de Dijon. Puis, chercher dans le département, puis dans la région, et élargir ainsi jusqu'à trouver...
Bien sûr, je sais déjà que le café, le thé ou le cacao ne poussent pas à Dijon! Mais pour ce qui est des courges, des choux ou des tomates, pas de problème ;-)

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Super projet, j'ai hâte de venir découvrir tout ça "en vrai" et de goûter tes délicieux plats qui me font de l'oeil quand je vois les photos!
Espérant que ce projet aboutisse, bon courage Christelle
Non à la consommation de viande!