Help us fund the 1st pole dance bar in Paris : innovative project combining the concept of a classic bar with pole dancing (acrobatic dance)


The project


I discovered pole dancing two and a half years ago and it became a passion very quickly. Since then I am addicted to evrything regarding this artistic sport which for sure changed my life. Pole dance is a discipline combining dance and acrobatics, a playful alternative to fitness.

Unlike what you may think, pole dance is easily reachable to most people and thanks to it's level classes everyone can progress at their own pace. Due to it's fun, enthusiastic and motivating side, pole dance is a very much appreciated hobby which can quickly turn into an addiction.




During a journey in Florida I discovered a bar which concept involves (among other things) pole dance. Since thenI only have one thing in my mind, to open a pole dance bar in Paris. The idea has grown and evolved in my head for over a year.


Today the project can be presented as follows :


Opening of the first pole dance theme bar in Paris (also first in Europe) which unique and innovative concept is based on pole dance and it's practice. The project combines the services and activities of a bar with the practice of all levels and styles of pole dance in an entertaining and fun setting.

These two activities are totally compatible and the purpose is to enable :


- the "free" practice of pole dance for initiated enthusiasts (pole dancers)


- the discovery of this discipline to a wider crowd through a range of initiation and beginner classes


- to appreciate the welcoming and fun atmosphere over a drink with friends


- to attend and participate to theme evenings and specific parties as for example performances accomplished by pole dance professionnals and stars


The objective is to create "the" place where all pole dance enthusiasts can meet up (no matter what level, style or school they attend) but also to change the ancient and outdated view that people can still have of pole dance.




From the start I had the great chance to be blessed with the help and unconditionnal support of my family and friends. I take this opportunity to thank them all. Thank you all so much !!!


I also care very much about introducing my very own "Charlie's angels" to you. A team of friends sharing the same passion : pole dance, and united like the fingers of a hand : Amandine, Morgane, Julie, Aurélie, Eléonore and I (yes our hand has six fingers LOL :-) They are the most essential and important support to me and the project. I find it rather difficult to find the words to explain how much their help is important and irreplaceable. This project has become as much their baby as it is mine.




So now that the introductions have been made I hope you would like to know more about this adventure and support it too?

Yes, well easy... follow us and stay connected to get more informations along the way through our posts, photos and videos, have a look at our FAQ and don't hesitate to ask us all the questions that might tickle you.

Thank you all soooo much for your support !!! :-)


Ps : You will find a full translation of the rewards in the FAQ's, thank you

Why fund it?


The main purpose is of course to collect money in order to increase the personal provision obligatory to get access to a bankloan which is essential for the project to turn into reality.


Moreover, due to the innovationg concept, your support will help me prove the viability of the project and convince potential financial players (investors, associates and bank). It will help me show that there is an active community of pole dancers, people who like originality, difference and people who are open to a new concept unique in France and even all of Europe. In case you wish to be involved in the project on a deeper level, don't hesitate to contact me... It will be my great pleasure to study every potential commitment.




To conclude, I want to repeat that the support of each and every one of you is essential to help me make this dream come true and create a new place where every moment is going to be fun, entertaining and unique... a moment of discovery and a shared passion.

I can promise that every one is going to have their share of unforgettable fun times.

We count on you !!!





Ps : We had to set a goal to reach, but you need to know that there are no limits to all of your contributions. Every single and smallest contribution brings us closer to the final goal and we thank you so much in advance.

In case you need and want to have more transparence and informations, don't hesitate to submit your questions to which I will reply withthe most sincerity. I decided to chose a somewhat general presentation to present here and avoid boring you with the technical details of a full presentation of 40 pages which of course exists as my Business plan...


Pole kisses


Karin & the Upside team




Karin B.

Hi, my name is Karin and I was born on the 12th of April 1979 in Luxembourg (a small country between France, Belgium and Germany) where I grew up. After working in the Private Banking department of “Banque de Luxembourg” for 9 years, I decided in 2009 to change my life and accepted to manage the Tourism Office of Luxembourg in Paris. I now live since 4... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Qu'est-ce qu'exactement la pole dance ?

La pole dance, anglicisme parfois traduit en danse à la barre verticale, est une discipline qui mêle danse et acrobaties autour d'une barre. A la fois art et sport, elle est contrairement aux apparences accessible au plus grand nombre, puisque chacun progresse à son rythme grâce aux cours de niveaux. Elle ne nécessite au préalable aucune capacité autre que la pratique de n’importe quel sport. La pole dance est considérée comme une forme d'exercice et une alternative ludique au fitness puisqu’elle travaille force, endurance, souplesse, gainage et coordination. De par son côté ludique, enthousiaste et motivant, la pole dance est un hobby très apprécié et l’addiction est généralement quasi-immédiate. Issue du monde du cirque, la pole dance ne doit pas être confondue avec le lap dance ou toute autre forme de strip-tease.

+ Puis-je offrir les contreparties ?

Oui, chaque contrepartie individuelle ou faisant partie d'un pack peut être offerte à une tierce personne. Pour cela il suffira de m'en faire part par message ( à Karin12 sur Kisskissbankbank).

+ Qu'arrivera-t-il si le projet atteint son objectif sur Kisskissbankbank mais ne voit pas le jour ?

Dans cette éventualité (qui ne se produira pas, mais bon il est important pour moi de vous rassurer) je m'engage à restituer toutes les sommes des contreparties qui n'auraient pas pu être percues.

+ Le projet me plaît vraiment, je voudrais m'investir d'avantage et faire partie de cette belle aventure. Est-ce possible ?

Tout d'abord merci pour le compliment et oui la réponse à cette question est oui, sous différentes formes d'ailleurs...
N'hésitez pas à m'envoyer directement un message privé sur la plateforme Kisskissbankbank (à Karin12) afin d'étudier la manière la plus adéquate (partenariats, association, investissement,etc.)

+ A quel stade d'avancement est le projet exactement ?

Nous sommes actuellement à la recherche du local à Paris ( quartiers du 1er, 2ème, 8ème, 9ème et 17ème arrondissement en priorité).
L'équipe du bar n'est pas encore totalement complétée et la levée de fonds (associés et investisseurs) n'est pas entièrement aboutie.
Nous avons bon espoir pour que le bar ouvre fin 2013, voir au cours du 1er trimestre 2014. Cela dépendra aussi de la réussite du projet sur Kisskissbankbank ;-)

+ Le bar et la pole dance sont-ils uniquement réservés aux femmes ? Et les hommes dans tout ça?

Pas du tout, la pole dance n'est en aucun cas réservée aux femmes et le bar l'est encore moins (l'approche est différente et les mouvements peuvent être adaptés). Le concept du bar consiste justement à permettre a tout le monde (hommes et femmes) de partager leur passion, de découvrir cette discipline artistique et ludique ou d'apprécier l'ambiance enthousiaste autour d'un verre entre amis.

+ Can you translate the rewards in english ?

For 5 € and more :
Your name on the "thank you page" on the internet site of Upside: / (under construction) and on the facebook page Upside bar
For 10 € and more :
Pack FIREMAN = Your name on the "thank you page" on the internet site of Upside: / (under construction) and on the facebook page Upside bar + your virtual membership card (giving you access to benefits like fidelity rewards, entry and VIP treatment, accès to the pole booths, access to the lockers and more...)
For 20 € and more :
Pack CAROUSSEL = Pack Fireman + a drink of your choice at the Upside bar (this reward involves a certain time delay as it implies the official opening of the bar)
For 60 € and more :
Pack ATTITUDE = Pack Caroussel + a special edition t-shirt
For 80 € and more :
Pack MUSIC BOX = Pack Attitude + a pole dance class (initiation and beginner level)
For 100 € and more :
Pack BABY SNAKE = Pack Music Box + your name immortalized on the counter of the bar
For 150€ and more :
Pack BUTTERFLY = Pack Baby Snake + memory book special edition KKBB (including autographed pole dance pictures of the team and souvenirs of Upsides adventure on Kisskissbankbank)
For 190 € and more :
Pack BRASS MONKEY = Pack Fireman + your name immortalized on the counter of the bar + invitation to the "development of the cocktail menu workshop", you will help us decide which cocktail gets which pole dance figure as a name, create and taste new cocktails,... (this workshop will take place in Paris within the next 6 month)
For 220 € and more :
Pack ROCKSTAR = Pack Brass Monkey + a special edition t-shirt
For 250€ and more :
Pack ELECTRIC SWITCH = Pack Baby Snake + VIP invitation to the opening/launching event of Upside bar
For 450 € and more:
Pack SUPERMAN & FRIENDS = Discover the Upside bar and invite 4 of your friends (5 people in total). The event includes : a private VIP table, a bottle of your choice, a pole dance initiation class for 5, the pack Fireman and your name immortalized on the counter of the bar for you and your guests
For 600€ and more :
Pack BATMAN & FRIENDS = Pack Superman & Friends + a special edition t-shirt each
For 850 € and more :
Pack RAINBOW MARCHENKO = Pack Butterfly + a pole dance pole named by you ( your name will be engraved on one of the poles in the bar)
For 1200 € and more :
Pack IRON X = Pack Butterfly for 2 people + dinner for 2 with the whole team. You will be able to access to a unique, more intimate and full vision of the project, get exclusive news, share a special evening with us,...

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