Help us for improve our quality video to make live with you our futur adventure.


The project

We are a young team of Parkour from Namur ( belgium) and we search all the time to extol the values of this sport. We try for that to win notoriety to travel a lot and make a lot of video. Unfortunately, for pass a next level in our video we need a drone. This one will help us terribly a lot for the quality of our video.   Why now? Because in 2 month we travel to Spain for do a "Road trip" and this drone will be necessary for present you an awesome video of our travel. This video will be also a help for find new sponsors. It's eventually essential that this video be professional level.






Why fund it?

With the collect we can buy :


- a drone DJI PHANTOM;

- the accessories for the drone.






We are a young team of Parkour and we exist since 2012.

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Go go go les gars :) SaM