Wine fair , good and healthy ! Un documentaire pour partir à la découverte de vignerons travaillant en vinification naturelle...


The project

Natural Wine, Living Wine is a documentary to know who we drink !


Details of the project For several years now, in the Val de Loire, in France, winegrowers reinvent the wine making and wine growing. They not only disregard the cultural burden of a viticulture that is pouring chemical and phytosanitary inputs over the vineyards, but also refuse to use wine by-products in their wine storehouse such as sugars, enzymes, industrial yeasts,…).


This traditional work, which is not only a return to the roots but also a revolution, helped these winegrowers to find the real meaning and passion for their work. Natural wine is a real alliance beverage and the reflection of the region and the men where it is grown, is good for the health and the planet … above all when taken in moderation !




Natural wine growers produce above all wines they like to drink.





Sometimes without any “Controlled Origin” labels, as their wines have been “downgraded”, the natural wine growers produce wines in a global alternative way.





These wine growers design original wine labels and sometimes give offbeat names to their vintage.



My motivation


I really enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with friends and family, above all when the wine is good, fair and healthy. I wanted to meet these men and women who produce a quality wine while taking care of the soil and all the living beings. I like the harmonization between the way these wine producers think and act. They offer the wine lovers a different way of seeing, conceiving and tasting the wine. “Wine is the answer of the Earth to the Sun”, as Margaret Fuller said.





My sources of inspiration





Thanks a lot for your support !

Why fund it?

How will the money collected be used ?


The money that will be collected will help financing :  


• A last trip to the Val de Loire to finalize the video shots

• The final editing of the documentary

• The calibration

• The final sound mixing

• The mastering

• The purchase of music rights

• The cost for the counterparties

• The Kisskissbankbank commission (8%)  


If the amount of money collected is more than expected, the surplus will be used to subtitle the documentary into English, to organize a preview in Belgium and maybe to reimburse partially the expenses incurred for the first shooting in July 2015. 

Picturimage et Rino Noviello

Image producer since 2001 and founder of the Picturimage agency, Rino shares his time between artistic and private orders. Rino places poetry and commitment to the heart of his work, militates in favour of a living and free art, explores the diversity of the view and asserts his identity through committed films.

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bravo les gars, c'est gagné! allez Rino, au boulot, on se réjouit de visionner tout ça ;-) bises à tous!!!
99% pour un projet 100%, nous sommes certains que tu vas y arriver! Félicitations!
Nous sommes toutes papilles en éveil pour découvrir ce que Dame Nature et ses artisans font de mieux! Longue vie au projet!