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Photographic story of a last train journey


The project

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The train is the place of a progressive oblivion of the outside and the notion of landscape. Going faster and faster,  eyes turn away from windows, to dive into screens, wether digital or made of paper. despite the unique charm of it and the paradoxal idea of travel and adventure, the train rides too fast through landscapes. Eyes are rolling at the same pace over the fileds and the mountains, unable to focus.

Yet, the TGV (High speed train) rallies in no time Drôme to Burgundy, Languedoc to the Vendee. Moving from one land to another, offering to whom deigns to take a look, the most beautiful landscapes of theses regions. A service provided by sncf, without 3D-glasses. With the same attention with wich Monet arrived to make us feel and see the smoke of a train entering a station, Voiture 11 aims to extend the journey and give time to travellers to contemplate from a unique point of view the richness and diversity of our landscapes.


Here is how the project took originaly form :


On a old train in Hungary, at dusk. Landscapes were winding on the window, slowly tamed by the passengers aboard. The festive mood slowly faded after a week of a music festival, as everyone enjoyed the last rays of sun to rekindle memories, on the last train of my trip bringing me back home to France. Pensive, I let myself be lulled by the gentle hum of the engine, admiring rivers, fields and forests through which we passed.







This Hungarian campaign, so quiet as the train passes, has nothing to envy to the plains and mountains of France. But if some technological gap in rail transport offers travelers the time to contemplate the Hungarian hinterland, the TGV, the high-speed train, the flagship of the blue, white and red nation, cuts it short.

Speeding over 300 km / h, trees and streams become long threads of color. Fuzzy, boring. Within a few decades, one of the world's densest rail network will finish belting the hexagon, within a few years, the waves of atlantic yet so slow to crash on the beach, will no longer have the time to reach the edges of the eyes. A so vivifying nature, soon will remains frozen.


There are places and moments that you can only appreciate from a train window.

Travelling all over France, through the dense web of railroads, with the camera against the window, Voiture 11 is looking for farms, fields, valleys, beaches, lakes and even clouds, everything that creates the landscapes of every regions of France.








When I hit the rails from the Mediterranean sea to the basin of Lyon, I could tell where we were by all the  pins along the highway that I had memorized. This rocky silhouette near Nîmes is in no way similar to the curve of the hills of Burgundy. Each tells us where we are, unique, patrimonial.


In order to continue this journey and draw in pictures another map of France, I call for your support. Thanks to you, I may also continue the use of film photography. Go further, and then show the wealth brought by train from this [old] country.

Inspired by the life work of Raymond Depardon , I want to offer to everyone the opportunity to see these scattered landscapes throughout the country, as if you were also travelling on the train.








So much places to go from each big city of France. Here is a map with the many courses held for the project.








Here is the first set of the project, on the route Paris-Reims full on both sides of the train of villages, forests, farms and fields, and everything that makes an admirable campaign.





































































Why fund it?

The aim is to :

-  Contribute to the film camera cost. The silvering process is in loss, yet it's a sign of a singular quality. Color film purchase, development and scan in high resolution of photographs in order to diffuse them digitally.

-> 600€ (for a total cost of 20€ per film,  purchasing near 30 film for the project)


- to carry forward the editing of a monograph of the "Voiture 11" serie. To provide a complete overview of the project and ensure it's credibility and relevance through your confidence when introducing it to gallery for an exhibition.

- to manufacture great rewards wich I will closely look after for a quality guarantee.

-> 1400€ (silver print 36x24 - 15€ ; silver print 60x40 - 30€ ; monograph - 45€ ; complete set of postal cards - 35€) 


ALL prints will be made by a laboratory recognized in Paris. The frames will be made by a professional, and monographs will be published and printed by a professional also.

The desire for a careful realization is the mark of a commitment to quality with the expertise of artisans in the field, and for your respect as contributors. Do not hesitate, you are one click away !







Design student but passionate of photography. Two directions, one motivation, the others. For a few years, film camera has seduced me. This process, in loss and expensive, prevents me from quickness, pushing me to take the time before shooting. I learned patience and observance. To think twice looking in the mirror of the camera, and appraise the... See more

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J'ai reçu le tirage promis, très belle qualité ! Merci et bravo pour ce projet. Sébastien
Elles sont vraiment très belles ces photos Paris-Reims, nettes, lumineuses et pertinentes! Good luck pour le projet!
Un très beau projet,qu'on à hâte de voir se réaliser!!Et que vive l'argentique!!