♠ The Album is getting ready! All the songs are nearly recorded! We just need your support! ♠


The project

Hey peeps, friends, family and kissbankers from all around the world!




We're Voodoo Casino!


A brand new band from Brussels, Belgium! We came together a year ago to start the project and today, we're close to launch our debut album!


Everything is about to be ready. All the songs are nearly recorded, the album concept and art is almost there, we have a fantastic crew and talented people around us helping to put together a wonderful live show... We're ready to begin this adventure with our first release, and share our original songs with you guys!


To make it happen, we really need your support!



But first, What is Voodoo Casino?


Voodoo Casino is a one way ticket for a long trip towards the Mid Est and Deep South of the US.

Inspired by the Rhythm'Blues, Rock'n'Roll, Blues and Boogie music, Ghalia writes and creates her songs during her several trips to Southern USA.


During her travels, she meets talented musicians and plays on local scenes in LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, TENNESSEE,MISSOURI, ILLINOIS,...


She also got the chance to record with local musicians on every trips she did.

First travel through USA, in 2014 Ghalia Vauthier recorded in St Louis at "Blue Lotus Studio" with Paul Niehaus(Letter to Memphis &many more), Tom Maloney(SBB, Johnnt Johnson's guitarist), Joe Meyer (Nikki Hill's drummer).


In 2015, Ghalia recorded again at Paul's studio "Blue Lotus" with Tom Maloney and Kevin O'Connor.

a couple songs including "Let the demons Out" later covered by the mighty Renee Smith and recorded for the "2015 St Louis Blues Compilation".


This past year (2016), Ghalia got to record her latest original songs with Johnny Mastro and The Mama's Boys in Louisiana, not that far from New Orleans and Lake Martin, in the bayoux!

Turns out pretty good and shout be released soon too.


Ghalia was also part of a big Blues Documentary which will be on TV in 2017.

Here is the teaser : LINK




Back to Belgium, Ghalia decides to launch her own original songs and gets together with T-bone, Gas, Vinch and Big Rud ( a great combo of musicians playing together for a while with their ex band, Les Males Propres) to launch the project, our project, Voodoo Casino.




So the actual Voodoo Casino composition is:


Ghalia Vauthier - Songwriting, Lead Vocals, Guitars

T-Bone - Bass, Vocals

Mr.Gas - Guitar, Vocals

Vinch - Lead Guitar

Big Rud - Drums




Together, working hard during several months,we finalized our songs and recorded our first 4-Title E.P. called "Let the Demons Out" at the Dada Studios with the talented Peter Soldan (auto-produced).

You can listen to the E.P. right here: EP "Let the Demons Out" and please give us your feedback!



This E.P. was also a perfect tool for us to start looking for gigs and making some money to finance upcoming events and recordings.




We booked our first concert at the Jacques Franck Cultural Centre (Brussels) and played our original songs for the very first time for a nice and sold-out audience. Since then, we keep playing at every chance we have.





In the meanwhile, we created our final logo and launched our official websitefacebook page and instagram account. In the future, we want to create other merchandising products like T-Shirts, Pins, Posters and business cards...





OUR FIRST ALBUM, wil be 11 songs in total !


You will take a ride with "Missouri Train" and start your trip towards the Deep South,

where you will be emerged inside a captivating atmosphere through Ghalia's local memories and experiences during her travels.

Make a stop in New Orleans to Juke & Jive, and taste a delicious "4am Fried Chicken", you will meet all kind of people like the "Hoodoo Evil Man" and maybe blow some steam with "Press that Trigger"...


...And many more you will discover very soon!




The album is beeing recorded at the wonderful Dada Studios with Peter Soldan. The sessions have started in early september but we're still working on it, in order to get it as perfect as we can.

When recordings will be over, we still will have the mixing, mastering sessions, which will take at least 2 other weeks..






Voodoo Casino will launch the album in the first part of January 2017. If we have enough financial support, it will help to organize a beautiful New Release Party, and play our album on stage.

After that, the album will be available also in social platforms like iTunes Store and Spotify,...




Voodoo Casino will shoot its first video clip "Have you seen my Woman", which probably will be the album single. This will be also the chance to create a teaser for the album, just before the official release. 


In order not to miss important events and agenda, a newsletter will be created for the followers.

Why fund it?



Your support means a lot for us!


We currently need 5000€.

After few gigs, and busking sessions, we already started to collect some money.

But we need at least, 3700€ just to pay the studio sessions (recording, mixing, mastering) and give kisskissbankbank 5% and Taxes 3%.


Even if we need more than 3700€, this will be a tremendous help when combined with our personal investments.

If we collect more money, it will help to press the Cd's and Vynils (at least 1800 euros).


If we had the chance to get more donations, this will help us to start our mechandising, renew our gear for live performances, organize a nice New Release Party and realize the album video clip and teaser.


We hope that we gave you every informations about the project you needed. You can follow us on Facebook to keep an eye on what's happening and feel free to contact us by E-Mail and ask anything about it!


♠ So, now it's all up to you guys! Voodoo Casino really counts on your support!  



Voodoo Casino Band

Voodoo Casino is a brand new band from Brussels, Belgium. The adventure began when a passionated group of young cool cats met the mighty and mesmerizing Ghalia. Influenced and inspired by old Deep Blues, Rhythm'n'Blues, Swing, Rock'n'roll & Rockabilly music, she drives them into a retro world refreshed by their modern sound creating a new catchy &... See more

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Je me réjouis, vous méritez de réussir ! Keep the blues and the rock'n roll alive
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