Give support to the martial journey of 7 students to Korea ! Make it possible for them to get their international demonstration ready.


The project



Depiction of the project :


7 of us are involved in this project.


A team of 7 dwarves, 7 samouraïs, or 7 wonders of the world – Should we consider ourselves below that line of expectation, we would not take the liberty of asking your financial help...

We are students of the Moo Duk Kwan school, a korean school which develops and spreads the astounding Soo Bahk Do martial art. You might not know it, it's hardly ever on TV.


There are are three girls of air and fire (Agnès, Camille and Élodie) and four trendy guys (Noé, Adrien, Théo and Laurent). We train in Soo Bahk Do. Day after day, we train. Some of us since nursery school, some others took their time, starting when they turned 40. But the seven of us think that kicking with a good technic, and perform our forms and combinations of movements with power, grace and concentration is more important than many other things.




Élodie and Agnès





Laurent and Camille










Théo and Noé



What is also fundamental for us all is to maintain the cohesion of our group beside trainings. That's why we have decided to do everything we could to go and celebrate this 70th birthday together.


70th birthday, sure, but of what exactly ?


- 70 years, no word of a lie ! It takes place in Korea.

-  Gosh, sounds quite far. And do you mean South or North Korea ?

- The 70th birthday in Korea ; at that time, there was no South or North, just Korea. We want to    celebrate that peculiar birthday, a time of non-separation of the country, the moment when and where our Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan school was born, during the fall of 1945.

- But how can you belong to a Korean School while living in Paris ?

- That's precisely one of the things we would like to better understand. How can we be 70 years old  (because we will also have the same age!) and be from Korea while coming from France.


Celebrating the 70 years of the Moo Duk Kwan school means celebrating our 70 years, and all the practionner's age at the same time. We will be as old as our school, but we will celebrate at the same time every singular person who took part in bringing Soo Bahk Do where we live.


Celebrating the 70 years of the Moo Duk Kwan school means being from Korea while being in France, and being from France when going to Korea.


Last but not least, celebrating the 70 years of the Moo Duk Kwan school means seizing a unique opportunity to encounter all those from all over the world who will come together to Suwon for the occasion.



Two young and very talented american practitioners of Soo Bahk Do at the 60th anniversary of Moo Duk Kwan.



This journey, or more accurately this expedition, will require a huge effort on our part in order to prepare a demonstration, and to prepare ourselves physically for it.


Why fund it?

What will we do with the money ?


The 7 000€ fund-raising (or 1 000€ per person) will mainly be used to buy plane tickets as well as offer gifts to our generous financial contributors ; you. Each of us will then have to bear the accomodation and living expenses (for a 10 days journey). If fortune were to enable our fundraising to gather more than what we wish for, we would use the it to cut these last expenses.



Shiwol has been created in 2007. The Soo Bahk Do classes the association provides take place in the 10th and 5th arrondissements of Paris and are carried out by Elodie Mollet, 4th dan, assisted by Agnès Torresi (2nd dan) and Laurent Vannini (1st gup). Kids compose the majority of Shiwol students. The association takes them abroad (Belgium, Switzerland)... See more

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J'espère qu'elle avance la préparation de cette démonstration !! Allez allez :-)
En avant les samouraïs!
Bon succès au projet des 7 merveilles du monde, et bon voyage...