I propose a new vision of wall surfaces: original and modern, developed based on their constraints and uses


The project

Design Wall consists in favoring the aesthetic side, to enhance a space, room, optimizing according to the constraints given by its users, and its use even surfaces. The designer wall combines technical painter and artist, a creative vision of space to work. My name is Vincent Walker, 29 years old, I'm "designer wall". After several years of art studies, I connected the "odd jobs, never losing sight of the most important to me: my passion. I decided to devote myself full time with a specific goal in mind: to make it my business. Being aware of the current craze for interior decorating, I detect in this practice a buoyant market, combining design and painting, that could fill my expectations. Exiting a business incubator, ie a structure that helps project developers to test their business. I am familiar with the different skills needed to carry out such a project. Over the months, I have been trained in the management but also to commercial negotiation to optimize my activity at the time of its launch. I now preparing to transform the structural test me as a sole proprietorship. I would now no longer just make achievements in food and plans to get into the volume to make a play "an aesthetic original. The integration of raw materials, plants, wood, elements of recovery or light modules, this is what I would like to develop. My clients are mainly individuals or small structures and I aspire to change my offer to meet the expectations of large companies and, why not local. In terms of approach, it is mainly an exchange with the client. "I propose to make an original interior design with a side coupled approach and aesthetic and artistic logic. My role is to guide clients, understand their tastes, their character trait to choose the colors, shapes etc.. "At this time, several models are proposed and a new thread begins to possibly adjust the proposal. I want my clients to fit into a work of art created in their image from their tastes, with my help. It is of course essential to adapt to the constraints of the various parts as well as certain requirements. I also appoerte design my advice and do not hesitate to inform the client of any bad taste not to commit - like colors too dark in a child's room. More info and pictures: www.walldesigner.fr or  

Why fund it?

-Need a workshop:

I currently work from home and it diminishes my ability to create and prevents me to meet large orders. Impossible to develop a deco volume in a room of 20m2 ... After talks with Mayor Lieusaint (77), it turns out that I could have a local but remains amménager and to the work of water supply and electricity (cost determined <€ 10,000 thus supply is required)


-A vehicle-Professional:

I move now to this station car my mom lends me graciously. Imagine the idea of ​​filling a chest twingo with paint cans and materials creation. We are not going away. Furthermore, arrive at a customer with a twingo red = zero credibility! I would like to invest in a professional vehicle type 207 company. ± 5000


-Registration at the home of artists and management fees:

This month, my contract with the company couveus ends and I must therefore register in my name. The cost is approximately € 1,500 for the first year (I intend to ask ACCRE not to exceed this amount)  


C’est dans les couloirs des Beaux-Arts que naissent les premières idées de Vincent WALKER. Artiste original, son esprit créatif est rapidement sollicité pour personnaliser des objets divers et variés. Il compose entre ce qu’il a appris aux Beaux-Arts et son style urbain originel. Il crée sa propre marque «Vinc Munkynö® » en 2007 orientée sur le prêt à... See more

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