Help financing Laurene Carmona's short film : We Will All Be famous !


The project



Director : Laurène Carmona / Genre: Fiction / Length : 20/30 minutes / Language : French / Budget : approx. 4000 euros /  Release: September 2015





As Jake would not become a hunter like his father, he left his hometown for the city. He aspires to be an actor and cultivates dreams of wealth and glory with his two best friends Dylan and Allison. He hopes to become someone important and loved so he could be to his father.

Back to his hometown for the week end, torned between his dreams and disillusionment, Jake will have to confront his father’s indifference and some unexpected events.




A generation of twenty-something who hard belevies in its destiny as rich and famous. Jake and Dylan left to become actors but they’re spending most of their time looking at themselves, they think they are specials. Allison , Jake’s other best friend, stayed in their village, trained by her mother since she was a kid. she is dreaming of a singer career, performing for differents occasions.

Jake and his father have trouble communicating because they don’t really understand each other. It’s a gener- ation fight.




 Visual :


Harmony Korine - Gummo

Lorde - Royals

The Knives - Pass this on


Sound :


Riff de guitares dans Only Lovers Left Alive

BABE (theband)







In 2011 I almost used a camera for the first time. So I started to film my friends and people at school. I’m working on my generation ( born between the 80s and 00s ) since then.

Once I was working to write a text like this one, about my work, and a friend came and sat next to me. He told me that after the ” hipster” the new figure is ” the duchbag”. He described it as a creator. The weird- est people today are these kids with reality tv shows and pop culture. It creates some schizophreniac forms of identification. We are a huge mess of references, knowledges and tastes. We’re entilted, confident more ambitious than any generation before but also more anx- ious, bored and narcissistic.

Nowadays young people have a strong notion of their own image, with the multiple possibilities of internet : everyone can be someone. We’re looking for the more “ likes “ and “followers” - It’s a desperate race to ap- proval. And I thought that sometimes the only approval and proudness you want most of all is probably only your parent’s one.






Director ‘s Biography


Laurène Carmona is graduated from L’École d’enseignement superieur d’arts de Bordeaux ( fine arts )in 2014 with the congratulations of the jury. She is now studying at LUCA school of Arts for her master degree.

Teenagers and particulary her own generation has been her main source of inspiration since 2011. She directed 3 shorts films “ teen film, “ juveniles” and “ 1+1 “ during her bachelor’s years.

“ 1+1 “ a 10 minutes film about twins has been highlighted by the french website Les Inrocks in 2014. /








1st Director ‘s assistant : Juliette Boullais

Director of photography : Anais Lesage

Set decorator : Ailsa Cavers


CASTING ( en cours )


Jake :

Dylan :

Allison :

Richard :







Why fund it?



- defrayal / gaz / transports ( 200 euros )

- catering and regie on set ( 300 euros )

- Location rental ( 400 euros )

- Cost in decor design ( 500 euros)

- Symbolic salary for actors and technicians ( 600 euros )


Laurène Carmona est diplômée du Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques de l’École d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Art de Bordeaux avec les félicitations du jury en juin 2014. Elle étudie aujourd’hui à LUCA school of arts ( campus sint lukas) en Master Audiovisual Film Directing à Bruxelles.

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