Promote language learning and communication in the mother tongue and an innovative approach to teaching.


The project


- Weelingua-in brief

Weelingua is a company specialized in developing educational material/products for childrenand families . Weelingua puts children’s creativity/imagination to the test. It stimulates learning by playing a game together ( family, school, speech therapy session, friends etc.)



Weelingua’s main product now is a boardgame.


Weelinguais an educational board game for children and families based on language learning and communication. It consists of 121 cards and has over two dozen mini-games. Weelingua is specially designed for education professionals language teachers, speech therapists can use/integrate  this boardgame in their daily work/routine/lessons. It can also be played at home “just for fun” by families and friends.


Weelingua   is the ideal tool to consolidate and learn basic or advanced knowledge of a language


Other products

Weelingua boardgame can be supplemented by thematic kits bringing more cards and topics into the game. Weelingua then becomescalable, richer and more diverse depending on users “state of mind” and needs. 


-How Weelingua got started?

Weelingua was born in 2010  in order to facilitate language courses with students at various levels and profiles. 6 months later, it was tested by speech therapists who have shown a keen interest in the variety of games and game play. Weelingua's strength is based on its design, the richness of its content and educational techniques.



Different aspects of the game rated by Weelingua users


-The Weelingua method  scientific and innovative approach

Based on  cognitive science, neuro linguistic programming and suggestopedia's methods, Weelingua has proved to be a perfect tool for transferring information from short-term memory into long-term memory. How? Specifically, many studies have highlighted the fact that it was imperative to reach the limbic system of the brain to retain information unconsciously and effortlessly thus promoting strong long-term learning. These studies strongly advocate the interaction between the two cerebral hemispheres (the analytical part and the creative part) for better performance. In short, the game, involving the emotional part, is an ideal medium for knowledge transfer in long-term memory.




 Weelingua- from idea to launch

200 copies of the Weelingua  prototype have been sold to the professional education sector and families since its 2010 debut.Originally released/developed in three languages ​​(French, English and Dutch) it has even been translated in Haitian Creole. This fourth version of Weelingua has been developed in close collaboration with the KenBeFem association, in order to distribute our Weelingua board game in schools in Port au Prince [ SOS Children's Villages Belgium also requested a couple of Weelingua games to facilitate their host-families. . During the past three years Weelingua’s founders presented the game on several occasions/conferences. Recently they also delivered key-note speeches at a conference that featured "The impact of the game on our brain."


 -Start-up company: Weelingua SPRL / BVBA

Weelingua’s founders decided to meet the growing demands of their customers and turn the project into a company. In June 2013Weelingua ltd has been created. The company's mission is to create, develop, outstanding educationalmaterials for children and adults. The creation of workshops and conference is also planned.


 -Weelingua from prototype to a beautifully/functional designed board game

The creation of the company and the first capital round/injection gave birth to a new version of Weelingua. On this occasion, Gaelle Grisard– a renowned illustrator and designer-  helped to make the game even more attractive for children.



Game Box (size in cm: (L) 28x (W) 28x (h) 6


-A version for all

The twenty mini-games contained in Weelingua of 121 cards are divided into three categories: Solo (one person plays) Duel (the player chooses an opponent of his choice) and All in  (all participants are invited to play). The new design gives the participants from different levels to play together  as questions for basic and advanced knowledge are available on the same card



- Thematic - kits, a solution for professionals

To respond more precisely to the needs of our business targets, we decided to propose on our website specialized function pathologies encountered during speech therapy sessions kits. Examples of kits that will be offered: cognitive thinking and digital science - verbal English- Dutch -Animals -Belgium- music ... After putting the product(s) in their shopping cart, Weelingua's users will discover the concept of "Print & Play" . This system offers our community the possibility to download thematic kits and print at home. The new cards can be downloaded and then cut to play by mixing the existing version (eg . A child who has difficulty in mathematics will be more fun to focus on the game if 1 / 3 cards for his "little black beast " ) . For each thematic kit created a new mascot will emerge and will enlarge the family and Winigo & Minigo .


Why fund it?

What will the crowfunding will be use for? While the company has beenlaunched four months ago and the first games have been sold in the month of October, Weelingua has the ambition to go further.


The concept? Allow professionals to create their educational games on an online platform, and share with the concept "print & play" (downloadable and printable cards at home).   A platform where all the professionals will be able to enjoy the experience and creativity of their peers. A platform where the most inspired and brightest will gain recognition while sharing their knowledge (how). An platform where the boundaries of knowledge sharing are widened. If the amount of the contribution is exceeded, we can also decline the game in several languages.




Passionnés d'éducation et d'entrepreneuriat, Louis et Elie collaborent depuis 3 ans pour faire de Weelingua un projet professionnel. Professeur en communication et langues étrangères, Louis est spécialisé en programmation neurolinguistique et suggestopédie. Dans le but d’animer ses formations de manière efficace et ludique, Louis a pensé Weelingua... See more

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