A gush of wind, your skirt goes flying and... WhatEVEr! Nice shorts to end the tyranny of metro vents.


The project

Nowadays, Twitter  can make you instantly famous or infamous with a picture of your undethings taken at the right moment. Now is the time to lace-up!




Ease and Sensuality

IT is not easy to find a piede of underwear that covers enough skin, while being comfortable and pretty enough to show. The idea is to create a real piece of clothing that you can wear proudly AND that will stay discreet under your skirt or dress.


Over-wear or Underwear?

Inspired from the 1950s, these shorts fit below the belly-button. It is made from synthetic knitted fabric so it won't crease much and stay breathable. You can wear it over your usual lingerie or directly on your skin!

The detail which makes the difference is the sexy garter-like band of lace that does not make you thigh look like smoked ham.





Whyi "WhatEVEr" ?

Because this is the first thought that should come to someone's mind when your underwear decides to go public. Also, my name is Eve. Easy, isn't it?



Work local

The world is made of interactions. Working together makes us rasie higher.


I decided to work with local companies and people to create the item :


-- Abykarra --

Delphine is a Mom-preneur who specializes in prints. She mostly does organic cotton comforters and bibs, but whe agreed to print the logo, so you can be assured yours is not a cheap copy.


-- Lada Redstar --

She's a Burlesque dancer, who left Paris for Berlin. She incarnates my vision of wild and voluptuous femininity. I created a Collector design to fit her image, to celebrate LA Femme.Lada-1412723347


-- Brian Scott Bagley --

He's a ballet dancer who fell into the world of Burlesque. He is dedicated to his passions, whether wearing Derbies or Stilettos. When I decided to create the Male version of the shorts, I figured him saying: "I'm your Man, Baby!", with a big smile and a Baltimore accent. It's all about the fun!



-- Pinup ‘O’Rama --

FoxyChris & Eve Saint-Ramon worked a lot with Lada Redstar. When they decided to create this concept of Pin-up photoshoot I was so excited I decided to share it with you!



A confident woman is a happy one

And because we are all different, I made the Classic available in a wide range of colors, to fit all needs and desires.




Sublime: hips up to 86 cm

Merveilleuse (Marvellous): hips up to 94 cm

Légendaire (Legendary): hips up to 102 cm

Extatique (Extatic): hips up to 110 cm, a bit longer

Divine: hips up to 120 cm, a bit longer

Longer? Well, when you are not a supermodel and the inside of your thighstouch, it can hurt... Not an issue anymore!




Custom with your first name


Why have the Classic at 28€?

Because any woman should be able to affort it: self-confidence is not a luxury item; either is wearing a skirt if you want to!

Chic, Rock'n'Roll... it fits everywhere in your wardrobe.


I decided to lower the margin and offer you great value, which explains why the bigger sizes are at 32€ (more fabric).



I will hols a party at Bar Les Pirates to celebrate the wonderful outcome of the project, and those who can join us will get their counterpart in hand. For all others, I will send it by Post.


If you do not live in France, please add 6€ for tracking and shipment fees.

Why fund it?

My target is simple: 100 "Classic" shorts, for 100 assertive women!


But before selling you need to manufacture. And to manufacture, you need materials!

You will allow me to launch the first production for which I have to buy:

- fabrics

- accessories (elastic band, lace, labels...)


And of course the brand label hand-printed by a pro for best quality!


The more you want, the best the outcome!


If more than 500 "Classic" are sold, I can make them in a professional workshop in France, and so participate in maintaining the textile industry.


If we get over 800 pieces, the production costs are so reduced I can add another gift with any order! I don't know what (yet) but I will figure it out eventually ;)




And the machines? And the brand?

For most of the projects offered here, the creators put in the brand registration and everything. As I have already done this months ago, I don't want to go: "Hey! I want money back for all that!".


If you really want to know, I bought myslef a sewing machine and an overlock of quality (300€ and 800€), I registrered the brand and logo at INPI (200€ and400€), I participate in an expo to lanuch the crowdfunding (120€), and there are all the failed designs and prototypes costng over 150€...


Of course, if you get me over the target, I can make my accountant happy and it would be a great birthday present... Don't you know? YOU are my gift. Thanks :D


Multitasking fairy seamstress, I grew up in Alsace before exporting myself to Paris. I was looking for a job in international trade for textiles in order to break-even my studies. Fail! I became self-employed and set up my company of "so many little things" in 2011: IDJY. I am now a finance advisor, an organizer, a networker of ideas.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Comment fonctionne la livraison ?

Je vais faire de mon mieux pour vous envoyer tous les produits avant Noël.

En France, j'envoie en Lettre MAX suivie (livrée en boîte aux lettres).
En Europe, ce sera Postexport suivi.
Si vous êtes en Région Parisienne, vous serez invité à la soirée de remise dans le 11ème arrondissement.

+ Qui est qui entre "Eve", "EG" et "IDJY" ?

Eve GALLOIS c'est moi, la créatrice. Je suis gérante de la société IDJY, qui assure la distribution des produits, avec bientôt une boutique en-ligne.
Le logo "EG" reprend mes initiales et a été déposé auprès de l'INPI dans les catégories Textile et Accessoires.

+ ...un cadeau d'anniversaire ?!

Oui, la collecte se termine pour mon anniversaire. C'est bien calculé, non ?

+ Y a-t-il de l'alcool dans le Mojito de la contrepartie ?

Non, c'est un Virgin Mojito Fruits des Bois (aussi connu sous le doux nom de "Pucelle dans les fourrés"), servi en pinte (50 cL). Si vous voulez de l'alcool, il faudra voir avec la bar, parce que je ne peux pas vous l'offrir légalement.

+ Est-ce que le dessin représente EXACTEMENT ce que je recevrai ?

Oui pour les modèles "simples"
Il se peut que les impressions (étoiles, Cheshire, police d'écriture...) varient. Début novembre, je mettrai en ligne des photos des prototypes pour un aperçu du rendu définitif.

Vous aurez bien sûr le droit de retourner un article qui ne vous plaît pas (sauf personnalisation prénom ou couleur).

+ Un doute sur la taille à choisir...

Je ferai poser plusieurs personnes, de diverses tailles, afin de vous faire une idée plus précise.
Si maintenant vous hésitez entre Petite et Grande taille, sachez que vous pouvez pousser jusqu'à +3cm sur le tour final du shorty. Il sera juste plus cintré et pourra éventuellement marquer si vous portez vos sous-vêtements dessous.

+ Peut-on vraiment le porter sans rien en-dessous ?

Le fond (ou l'empiècement pour le modèle homme) est doublé coton, afin de ne pas irriter les plus délicates.

Donc... oui !

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Très beau projet, convient à toutes, j'ai hâte de recevoir l'objet de ma convoitise !