Help me create an application to geotag artist studios near your home and around the world.


The project



Help me create an application to geotag artist studios near you and around the world. 







You're an open-minded art collector and you want to meet new artists in their studios and support them.    


You're a decorator at heart who wishes to buy work from an artist in your neighborhood: no delivery problem and a proximity meeting.    


You are a curious traveler and after numerous museums and art gallery visits, you're still in search of new artistic places.






You're an artist who wants to share his studio with other artists, why not pool equipment or associate yourself to an ephemeral project.   


You're a creator who likes to open doors to the public : share a moment with a stranger, explain your artistic approach, compare your ideas and create links.   


You're a businessman artist at heart and you need a platform that allows you to sell your works safely all over the world.












Find new unique places and live a local experience.   


Discover artist's workshops near you and around the world.







Join a community of artists and art lovers.   


Go into an original universe and live a unique moment.








INDISPENSABLE to increase sales of the artist's works. As a gallery of art, I see the difficulty for artists to sell.  


INNOVATIVE showing works of art never disclosed. The shop will be full of new proposals every week.   


SECURED to ensure a successful payment and delivery. I will propose specialty transport and insurance services for your security. 


RESPECTFUL of the work of gallery. Artists who already have a Gallery will comply with the prices made by their gallery by signing a commitment of honor. Today the work of the gallery  is irreplaceable because of their mediating power.





THE CONTACT WITH THE ARTIST   The artist is free to receive, with or without appointment. It may also indicate its availability: days and times (not to be disturbed all the time)   The artist will receive an alert by SMS, email or phone call to inform of a visit. It is free to refuse the appointment if he wishes.   The artist can also choose not to give the exact positioning of his studio, but only the name of the village or the street. In that situation, only during the first contact with the visitor that he give the exact address.   Dscf6831-1441964096




Young, I grew up in a large studio with paintings and sculpture in the heart of the Landes forest in the Southwest of France. My parents, who are artists created a wonderful place that has long remained secret to everyone.   


Throughout my studies and experiences, I realize that there is a need to make art more accessible. In analyzing the role of the art market, I quickly understood that it lacked a new tool that would streamline the relationships between artists and the public.   


When going on a trip, we all love discovering new places and to meet new people at a street corner. However, it is very difficult to get into an artist's studio without feeling at ease, or being intrusive.   


When I rented my first apartment in Montreal in 2013, I wanted to be surrounded by unique items. I was excited to create a "small museum" at home by investing my savings in the purchase of works of art from local designers and if possible in my neighborhood (because I had no car) . Again, I had great difficulty in identifying places near me.   


Museums and art galleries are elitist places for all. The approach may seem impersonal, works are detached from their creator, their workshop and can lose their meaning.   


Our residential areas are extensions of ourselves. Tired of standardization and consumerism, our society needs markers, decorative items chosen and reflected that give meaning to our lives.   


Art schools are multiplying all over the world, but there is no tool which allows us to know these young creators. I want to give these new artists a powerful tool to easily identify them wherever they are.   


All artists regardless of their age or their routes merit visibility. I wish to offer a simple and innovative tool that will emerge from the shadow of the creators never discovered.






Maylis Doucet, daughter of artists, holder a MASTER 2 LAW AND TAXATION OF THE ART MARKET (Lyon), a MASTER 2 RIGHT OF INTELLECTUAL CREATIONS (Bordeaux) and a double LICENSE OF HISTORY OF ART. 


I wrote two memoirs during my studies: "The art collectors of tomorrow" and "New alternatives in the art market ».   


Following a period at Christie's and Sotheby's, I worked two years at an auction house in Montreal, Quebec ( as Head of the art international and object d'art department.   


Back in France, I participated in the creation of a new art gallery in Biarritz ( that supports a dozen French and international artists.   


In 27 years, I am challenging myself to create an application for a one and unique purpose to make art accessible.    


Your help is important for me.







Why fund it?



With my savings, I have already realized the graphic identity and a presentation allowing me to communicate my final project.   


My specifications, tree structure, graphics and features are ready.   


I am trying to do multiple quotes to develop my application.   


The application inauguration should be complete by late fall, depending on the amount of money raised. It will likely be in Biarritz but also in Paris. Everyone who has contributed will be invited to attend the inauguration.(Ex: share in Facebook).







I will gradually develop my project geographically. I'll start  with the workshops in the Southwest of France where I live, and then actually in to other regions according to where my meetings take place.


In each new area of action, I will spend four days physically : 

- The first two (Monday and Tuesday) will be destined to the visit of 8 workshops (pre-selected) with two visits in the morning and two afternoon visits, 

- The third (Wednesday) will be destined to the launch of these workshops, 

- The fourth day (Thursday) will be reserved for the inauguration of the application in the region.   


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are days when I plan to return to Biarritz. At this time of the week, I plan to work on communication aspects, marketing and improving the application. I will be available by appointment this weekend in the Southwest of France.





On each of my trips, I intend to elect ambassadors who will promote the application over the long term with art schools, group workshops and art lover communities. Each ambassador will be assigned a territory that will crisscross.  


I have already found some ambassadors who are currently undergoing research and new workshops in cities such as London, New York and Hong Kong.   


I want to unite the community around this project for artists and art lovers in the same region, in order to facilitate meeting and networking.


Each time in a city, I plan to advertise my media by using:

- Posters, 

- Flyers, 

- Social networks, 

- Interventions in close institutions (art schools, museums etc ...)








60% will be allocated to pay a web developer. I plan to have the first version of the application done by fall. I'm looking for a young professional, who is interested in supporting me in this project, and who is also able to create the application. Estimated compensation will be 3000 euros.


20% will be devoted to improving and monitoring the medium-term application upon its release.


10% will be spent on communication, marketing development abroad.


10% will be devoted to my travel costs.





If the collection exceeds the amount requested, I plan:


Hire an intern for a period longer than two months to get involved with me,


Create an art bursary "Wherart" intended to reward an artist who may invest a place in the public space to install a work of art. This bursary will be a percentage of sales of art works (with e-commerce).


Propose new functionalities (Ex: the opportunity for users of the same area to exchange their works).





Contact for any suggestions, proposals or other collaborations:


Maylis Doucet 


+ 33 6 64 64 58 42

Maylis Doucet

Maylis Doucet, daughter of artists, holder a Master 2 Law and Taxation of the art market (Lyon), a Master 2 Right of intellectual creations (Bordeaux) doubled to a License of history of art. I wrote two memories during my studies: "The art collectors of tomorrow" and "New alternatives in the art market ». Following a period at Christie's... See more

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