Fun and innovative language tool to practice Luxembourgish (and English)


The project

As you are most probably aware of, there are extremely few innovative pedagogical resources to learn Luxembourgish, and more particularly to encourage people to become interested in discovering it and eventually learning it. This is the reason why, as a Luxembourgish & Romanian linguist, I took the initiative and wish to contribute to the promotion of the Luxembourgish language through a fun learning tool aimed at stimulating people's interest for the Luxembourgish language and culture.


This game is called "Wie sinn ech? Who am I?" and allows the practice of the Luxembourgish language (and of English) and, at the same time, the discovery of historical public life figures from Luxembourg, such as the Grand Duchess Charlotte, Jean-Claude Junker, Lea Linster, Xavier Bettel, Ermesinde , Andy Schleck, Aline Mayrich, Pierre Werner, Anise Koltz, Josy Barthel, Lou Koster, Lydie Polfer - Wurth etc.


As I am passionate about languages ​​and I became a Luxembourger a few years ago, this project is a way to express my love for my adoptive country, Luxembourg.

To have more available time, I took the decision to stop another activity you probably are very familiar with, the Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club, and gave myself three years to realize a dozen creative language projects. Thus, in November 2015, I published a first language tool, a flash cards package entitled " 100 expressions you need to master in Luxembourgish " which was welcomed with great enthusiasm not only by foreigners living in Luxembourg, but by Luxembourgers alike. Now I want to realize my second project and if all goes well, I should get done a third project before the end of the year 2016.



Clara Moraru, with the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, and his spuse, Carmen, during the state visite to Luxembourg (6-7 June 2016)






Clara Moraru, innovative entrepreneur




«100 expressions you need to master in Luxembourgish», the first language product published in 2015 and available now at Auchan, Cactus, Pall Center, Luxembourg House, Ernster Book stores, La Bacanie, Chapter One etc.


To make this project happen, I am surrounded by very competent and passionate people, because nothing extraordinary can be achieved without passion. My team includes Jean Weiss for the proofreading in Luxembourgish, Marie Lucie Reding for the translation from Luxembourgish into English, Jean- Baptiste Joachim for the proofreading in English, Sarah Khurram, graphic designer, Georges Calteux, Christine Statucki and Juan Antonio Lain for the research.


Order this game in avant premiere and become with us an actor of the promotion of the Luxembourgish language & culture!

Why fund it?

Expenses 12.960 €

Publishing                                                             8500 €

Graphic designer                                                  350 €

Production of an audio version                        2000 €

Renting a recording studio (350 / hour)

and two voices of Luxembourgish native speakers (40 / hour / voice) 

Proofreading                                                         500 €

There is a team of 3 proofreaders and translators 

8% for KKBB                                                        960 €

Additional expenses                                            650 €



The language school contributes with 10.000 €

KissKissBankBank 2960 €

Personnal financial support for any unexpected expenses







Daniela Clara Moraru is a Luxembourgish and Romanian linguist, very passionate about languages and marketing (especially new products & new brands). Se has knowledge in 8 languages and speaks fluently 6. After having studied Philology & Journalism, Daniela Clara Moraru obtained a Master degree in Management (with a final thesis on the topic of quality... See more

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Salut Clara, très bonne idée... courage (surtout pour le cas où les contributions ne seraient pas suffisantes pour atteindre l'objectif fixé!!!). A bientôt :-)
Félicitations pour ce beau projet et beaucoup de succès
Bravo pour ce projet plein de vie, je prie pour qu'il trouve des échos, et je transfère sur mon Facebook. Christine Souillard de Nicinvest