Cheese articles of Wikipedia are gonna get improved!


The project


Wikimédia France announces WikiCheese! The biggest encyclopedia in the world meets the country of cheese. If you read Wikipedia, you will notice that the articles about cheeses are little illustrated or not at all. Yet do you know all the cheeses at your cheese shop? What does a brie noir look like? A couronne Lochoise? The échougnac? Or the tymbsoro.


Experimented editors have imagined the WikiCheese project, to develop the articles and illustrate at least 200 types of cheeses on Wikipedia.


This campaign, led by Wikimédia France, consists of financing the purchase of cheeses, photographic equipment and books so that volunteers can illustrate and develop the articles. Every donor will receive a (french) Tax Donations Receipt.





Birth of a project


Like a lot of projects, everything started around a glass… and a cheese plate! Several leading wikimedians decided to start photographing objects and food, where Wikipedia is direly lacking, and they equipped with a photo studio. Because it is nice to have lots of articles, but it is ever better when they are illustrated!



Master class, photo and tasting session


Pyb, member of the charity, has gathered the cream of the crop of writers and photographers. These volunteers will produce high-quality photographs of cheese from every angle and will develop the Wikipedia encyclopedia. A session will be organised once a month in the Wikimédia France office in Paris. During each session, 10 cheeses will be shot and the backers of the project will comme to learn to edit articles about this treat − and taste them.






The pictures will illustrate the multilingual encyclopedia Wikipedia


All the pictures will be published in high-definition on Wikimedia Commons, the multimedia library of Wikipedia. Published under a free license, they will be viewed all around the world since they will illustrate Wikipedia in all languages. These pictures may be freely reused by everyone.







Why fund it?

We need your support to buy at least 200 types of cheeses, the necessary photo equipement and some books to write Wikipedia articles.





At the end of the project (WikiCheese will mature for 18 months) the equipment will be loan to members of Wikimedia France to help them illustrate Wikipedia and do a lot of amazing things under free license.


We would love the project to continue to grow. Here are our stretch goals:


- €5,000: 200 types of cheeses + photo equipement + books

- €8,000: 300 types of cheeses + a better photo equipement + books

- €9,500: 365 types of cheeses + a documentary about artisanal cheese making + a better photo equipement + books





Who is behind this project:




Pyb: Longtime Wikipedian (2004), I fell in love with this crazy project of knowledge dissemination. These past years, I set out to improve the illustrations of the encyclopedia by doing sports photography.



Copyright :

- Portrait of Pyb : Marie-Lan Nguyen, CC-BY 2.5

- cheeses : Coyau / Wikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA-3.0

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FAQ Questions about the project

+ Est-ce que les frais de déplacement aux séances photo/dégustation sont pris en charge ?

Non, les frais de transports demeurent à votre charge.

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Félicitations pour cette collecte fructueuse, cependant, si vous essaimez et lancez un Wikiwine, il faudra bien entendu vous atteler simultanément à un Wikibeer, parce que l'accord vins-fromages c'est un truc de sudistes ça, c'est segmentant!! il faut aussi penser à l'accord bières-fromages pour être véritablement exhaustif... Bon vent!
Encore un grand merci pour votre soutien ! Ça fait extrêmement plaisir et va nous motiver durant ces 18 prochains mois et ces centaines d'heures consacrées aux fromages. Pourquoi pas un WikiWine ? Le droit d'auteur des étiquettes sur les bouteilles de vin empêche de publier ses photos sur Wikimedia Commons.
Super projet. Le projet WikiWine évoqué par un autre contributeur me semble aussi une excellent idée !