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The project

Where does this idea?   The sports world is my passion since childhood. I grew up in the world of sports, competition, training, coaching and judge. The tools have evolved since and you can see the explosion of objects connected this year for fitness. That's when the idea came to me.   A single application to track your goals. I insist on an application for the purpose of Winnzos and synchronize all the information to create a schedule that is suitable to you.                 What Winnzos?   An application multi platform to achieve your goals.     Connected-1452699132           Two versions are available:   Winnzos Pro and Winnzos Activity       Winnzos Activity   Winnzos Activity planned for the particular, will allow you to easily track your efforts to determine an index of forms and follow a balanced diet. But also to obtain personalized advice, share on social networks and create alerts.   The application can be used in many areas: Fitness, Medical, Fitness ...   The information collected by the connected objects (heart rate, number of steps, calories burned ...) and your personal data will be used to determine an aspect ratio. Over this index, the higher you are in shape. Your diet will refine advantage of this form factor.   All this in order to determine new goals for the following week and improve proposals meal of the week.           Other possibilities:   Creating combinations For example :   If I make 11,000 not today, sending a congratulatory music on my laptop. If I burn calories 2000, sharing a post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If less than 200 calories is burned after 19h, exchange of challenges that will help me achieve my goal.     Millions of different combinations for more fun.     Shopping list   In the Premium version of Activity Winnzos it will be possible to manage the contents of your fridge according to the chosen meal of the week. A simple way to never miss a thing.     Winnzos possibility:   Winnzos will be compatible with the largest number of connected objects.   Fitbit, Jawbone, Google Fit, Garmin.   All these manufacturers have programming interface for retrieval of information collected by their product. However the possibilities are more limited. For examples notifications or music on the object will be impossible.   Gear SAMSUNG, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, ASUS.   This application will work with all connected watches using an operating system Android Wear, whatever the brand.   And that should happen during the year Xiaomi, Runtastic, Pebble, Samsung Gear 2, Tomtom.     The application works without you it can be connected?   Of course, most mobile phones already provide basic information to form the calculated index. The application will be completely autonomous and connection with other devices will enrich it.     Does The application will pay off?   The application will be downloadable for free but to unlock all the features a subscription is needed. And this for several reasons:   - One of the main benefits of paid apps is that they can get rid of the ads that clutter too many applications.   - On the other hand if I succeed, thanks to you, to run this application on both platforms (Android and IOS), I will be very happy, but then I will have reached the first step of a long journey: a journey we call life cycle of an Appli (monitor, analyze and report the performance of the application, apply mobile marketing strategy, branding work, develop the application according to the remarks and Users suggestions etc ...).   - To cover the costs required of me regarding the dissemination of the application on Google Play Store and App Store, and the cost of accommodation on the server.   How is the application made?   The application will be cut in the following way:   Free version:   Goals + form Index Planning Meals calories + Registration Advertisements   Paid version (€ 9.90 / month):   Meal suggestion lens functions Shopping list Creating condition Live Support Chat or Mail No Advertisements   Medical Winnzos       Winnzos Pro     A version for sports clubs, association and Doctor. The latter is intended to easily see the IDF (aspect ratio) of several people. This index allows a glance to see the shape of the person.         This application will complement Winnzos Activity and fully paid.       How will you run it for clubs and associations?   It will work simply, the player will have a connected object and the information gathered will be directly returned to Winnzos Pro. It will be possible for the player to have Winnzos Activity and improve independently.     Winnzos Pro will be sold 20 € / month and will be downloadable free test two weeks.   It will also be possible to buy key packages in hand. For example :   Fitbit Flex 10 (or equivalent) + 1 + Winnzos Pro 10-inch tablet priced at € 1,600 with Pro Winnzos valid 1 year or Fitbit Flex 10 (or equivalent) + Pro + Winnzos Winnzos Activity Premium priced at € 1,750 with Winnzos Pro and Activity valid 1 year     Important information:   Winnzos The application will be open source and you can participate if you want to develop or improve this one on GitHub.     You have more questions ?   Do not hesitate to contact me by mail at the following address: or on my facebook page:

Why fund it?

                                                     À quoi servira la collecte ?


Nous vous demandons de contribuer à notre financement à hauteur de 12 000 euros, mais comment allons-nous utiliser votre argent ?


Détail :


- 5 000 € pour la réalisation de l'application Android Winnzos Activity


- 1 000 € pour la réalisation de l'application Android Winnzos Pro


- 3 000 € pour le développement de l'application Androïd Wear


Application développé par l'entreprise French App (spécialiste dans le développement Android).


- 1 000€ pour l'achat du matériel de test


1 * Bracelet Fitbit Flex 69.90 €

1 * Bracelet Fitbit Surge 200€

1 * Bracelet Jawbone UP2 120€

1 * Bracelet Jawbone UP3 180€

1 * Montre connecté LG G WATCH R 240€

1 * Montre connecté Gear S 280€


- 1 000 € pour l'achat des contreparties, goodies et produits dérivés Winnzos



1 000 € pour les frais de kissKiss ( 8% )



Total 12 000€



Pour la partie marketing et communications :


+ 1 500€ pour une propagande Winnzos



J'investis mon temps et celui de compagnon fidèle dans le développement du site web et toute la partie gestion serveur et base de donnée.



Merci à tous pour votre soutien, partagez, likez, discutez-en et pour toute question n’hésiter pas a nous contacter !


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