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The project

Cool Machine is a joyful adventure that builds by 4 hands !  ♥ Helene + Edouard = lots and lots of love first, but much hard work !






The desire to create our concept dates back to the time of our meeting, there are already more than 5 years. It took several years for the seed idea and we quickly left our heart speak and our deep desire. This is a project our image through which we express our passion for crafts, fashion, design, art, photography and web. We want to offer the beautiful, the unusual, the cool and we want to offer the well. It's blending our expertise and our curiosity we would like to offer you what's more cool !




Cool machine is a creative online concept store and combines arty craft contemporary designs and unique vintage pieces in a punchy atmosphere ! Our wish: to offer a quirky lifestyle, original with an amused look on the trends !


Cool machine is a selection of sharp pieces and forward-thinking. We bring together different artists and emerging artists (ceramists, graphic designers, decorators, illustrators ...) worldwide. Our delight is in the discovery of their work and share them with you. We select the favorite. These designers represent to us the very cool art crafts of our generation. From France to Australia via the Netherlands, our favorites have no geographical limit !










Cool machine, so it's also a selection of vintage clothing with bold patterns often, an unconventional mode. A range we found ourselves and to which we give a facelift before been presented to you. Our universe is inspired by the 80s and 90s, funky prints echo the arty creations and quirky of our artists. 








In a few weeks, we'll celebrate the first anniversary of Cool machine, a test year for our concept ! Thanks to the enthusiasm of our customers, our creative partners to the community that supports our project and growing everyday, we have more desire, the strength and the courage to develop our project ! For this, we need you and your support, cool kissbankers !







Why fund it?

So after a first test year for our project, a year in which we are self-funded we get on KissKissBankBank! It is for us the great opportunity to develop our project but also and especially to unite around a Cool Machine super cool community of kissbankers ♥   Feel free to watch on your right all our cool counterparties ! We have even slipped a few surprises ♥ !



This first year has allowed us to take stock of what we absolutely need to move forward. The collected sum of 6000€ will be used to:   ▶ remove and protect our brand with recognized organizations 210€   ▶ invest in new collaborations to share with you what our designers have more beautiful to offer. Our wish is for us personally invest in creative collaborations with artists to offer you exclusive collections in limited edition. And simply continue to find for you the jewelry, accessories or other decoration that will make your life more cool 2000€   ▶ define our visual identity. We created our logo ourselves, but we need the help of professionals to develop our full identity and be able to decline on different media to offer (business cards, stickers, packaging etc...) 850€   ▶ have a first advertising budget will allow us to improve the quality of our services to you, our customers, and offering you customized goodies to carefully present your orders: printing business cards, business cards, stickers, packaging and other media 1000 €   ▶ development of our premises. We work from home ! It's urgent for us to have a nice workspace and well organized. We need to invest in a large office to share, shelves and storage space 630€   ▶ purchase photographic equipment. Photo enthusiasts, we attach great importance to the prominence of our products. We have already invested in a new purpose, a tent for small objects and lights, there are plenty more that we support and fund a telescopic bottom 11mx2,50m to allow us to shoot more sizeable articles and you appreciate ever more elaborate visual 250 €   ▶ a portable credit card reader attached to our smartphones. We regularly move in and pop up store is an asset to have the credit card payment to offer our cool customers 80 €   ▶ renting a temporary boutique in Paris ! With this budget, we can rent a selling space of more than 20m2 for about 5 to 6 days with HopShop to go to meet our Parisian clientele that represents a large part of our customer on the online store. It also includes our travel expenses ! 500 €   ▶ the commission of this collection 8% = 480 €



BEYOND OF 6000 €   If you are even more COOL we imagine and your enthusiasm for our project beyond our expectations (WOW ♥), we can predict we move in different markets creators in France but also in Europe ! The locations are often very expensive, too expensive for us startup ! By working on internet, it is very important for us to meet our customers. When pop-up stores, we always wonderful encounters and they are extremely exciting times !







♥ THANKS TO ALL AND ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT ♥ To learn more about the scenes and our news, you can always follow us on social networks: Facebook / Instagram ♥













Cool Machine, c'est une joyeuse aventure qui se construit à 4 mains ♥ Hélène + Edouard = beaucoup beaucoup de love d'abord, mais aussi beaucoup beaucoup de travail ! L'envie de créer notre concept remonte au moment de notre rencontre, il y a déjà plus de 5 ans. Il nous a fallu plusieurs années pour que l'idée germe et on a vite laissé parler notre coeur... See more

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Pour la contrepartie, des bières ça me va aussi. Bisous !
Félicitations ça progresse !!! J'espère de tous coeur que vous allez remporter la somme souhaité !! Des bisous à vous 2 Izaz
Je souhaite de tout coeur que vos objectifs soient atteints. J'ai hâte de voir se concrétiser toutes les idées que vous avez en tête ! Longue vie à Cool Machine !