Help the kids and teenagers in a street situation their talents. Social-economic condition can’t kill art !


The project







Some students and graduates from Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes “Diego Quispe Tito” (ESABAC) (Superior School of Fine Arts) in Cusco (Peru), in coordination with the association Qosqo Maki, join forces in this educational initiative, which exclusively benefits disadvantaged and homeless children and teenagers (DHCT) who are workers and gather in the association Qosqo Maki.


Yes, I can be an artist is a project targeted at DHCT and it aims to value their artistic abilities. We intend to develop this project in assembly sessions every week with the people who sleep in Qosqo Maki.

It consists of holding drawing, graphic arts and engraving workshops. Participants should attend at least twelve sessions with organised workshops, using a didactical approach. This project will take place in October, November and December 2016 and it might carry on in 2017.

All the DHCT also have the right to an education, they have the right to express themselves and to learn; but because of their situation they have limited access to these rights. That is why we take the initiative to carry out this community work which benefits these people.

The main objective of this project is to involve the DHCT in the practice of art and encourage them to cultivate art from their way of life. We would like to inspire an interest in art, boost their qualities and discover that they can definitely become artists ─in favour of promoting their self-sufficiency. Everything is in accordance with their needs, their inquisitiveness, their ideas and their creative initiative.

The project “Yes, I can be an artist” opens the door to any kind of collaboration and financial participation, since it is a community project and many materials and tools are required to make it come true.


They can definitely be artists.


Asociation Qosqo Maki in collaboration with Alexander Cayo Vargas Centeno , student from ESABAC Diego Quispe Tito









Qosqo Maki

Qosqo Maki est une association créée en 1990 qui assure l´accompagnement, pour l´exercice de leurs droits, des enfants et adolescent(e)s qui vivent et/ou travaillent dans les rues de Cusco au Pérou et qui ont décidé de s´éloigner temporairement de leurs familles, suite à des situations quotidiennes diverses qui affectaient pleinement leur intégrité... See more

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