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The project



ZEBULE is a collaborative effort born from the meeting of passion with a wish to launch a magazine that one would want to read, watch, discover and share; a magazine that would be accessible, inquisitive, intelligent but approachable, a magazine born of an eclectic team of students and professionals who work to infuse it with their humanity and love of creation.



We first began in the digital world but quickly discovered its limits. We then decided to create an ebook, available for online viewing: to our great delight, the first edition attracted 3 000 readers and the second, 10 000!


Motivated by this good news and requests for a printed version, we decided to lay ZEBULE out on paper. The printed version of ZEBULE can be purchased in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York and Shanghai, and elsewhere. ZEBULE has also been published on various digital platforms, both paying and free (accessible via tablets, phones and computers).


 ZEBULE, 2011 to 2013


“To write with your guts, speak with your heart, photograph with passion, communicate without compromise and listen so that you’re not just hearing”.


ZEBULE magazine is about art, fashion, culture and much more. Published in French and English, the magazine shines a spotlight on international artists, emerging or established, for a multi-cultural view.


Two years, four published editions, 2 000 followers, 2 700 fans, 10 000 readers – ZEBULE has met, interviewed and photographed such inspiring individuals as Gustavo Lins, Julien Fournié, Andrea Crews, Octavio Pizarro, Christopher Anderson, Olivier Fabre, Kathleen Cleaver,  and Susan Meiselas, among others.



ZEBULE Magazine is:




• A 132-page quarterly magazine

• A bilingual French-English magazine

• A 210 x 272 mm format

• A 535 gram printed edition

• Full-colour quality printing on glossy paper (120g for the inside and 300g for the cover)

• International distribution via a specialist of the independent press

• Available in specialised bookshops, museums and concept stores, etc.

• An Internet website regularly updated with the most recent news



Since its beginning, ZEBULE has been and continues to be a wonderful human adventure which we share every day both with the artists that we meet and with you, our readers, who have supported us since the start. The launch of the 5th edition will be a perfect opportunity to meet you, a new way to collaborate and to share.


So as to ensure its independence and its future, ZEBULE Magazine is asking for your help, KissBankers.





 Who we are.


ZEBULE is a dynamic, ambitious team in search of new projects, and still growing! For each edition we are happy to include ever more collaborators (artists, photographers, stylists, writers, hair & make-up artists, etc). To see a team develop and enjoy what they are doing is the fruit of much hard work, but above all, the reward for a wonderful human adventure.



But also the whole team -- Adelheid Blankestijn, Maria Levant, Anna Planas, Christophe Lunn, Erika Traverse, William Ianna, Kevin Paumier, Lucie Barguisseau -- and all the contributors without whom ZEBULE couldn't continue to grow every day.

Why fund it?

Our fundraising objective



Enter the world of ZEBULE and allow us to continue this adventure and publish our next editions.


Become a partner and actively participate in this project’s success!


- Production, translation, distribution

- Quality printing of editions 5 and 6

- Development and communication both in France and abroad

- Organisation of a launch party in Paris for the release of the 5th edition at the end of January 2014.


Furthermore, if we manage to surpass our financial objective, we would be able to make even bigger dreams come true, such as developing our tablet and phone apps in DPS or reaching 25 000 copies next year.


It’s an ambitious project but one that we consider realistic: month after month, the numbers of you our readers grow, reading and supporting us.




In total, an investment of 20 000 € is necessary and we need just 7 000 € to get there.


Our wish is for this project to move forward and grow. All amounts we receive will be invested in the production of the magazine (we are not remunerated); each of us has another job, which has enabled us to self-finance ZEBULE’s development up until now.


But today we need your support, thanks to which this wonderful Zebulous tale will shine on and its writing be preserved.


The first collaborative magazine bringing you into its beautiful world is dedicated to discovering young designers.

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Bravo Thibault pour cette belle aventure. Ce site est top. A bientôt. Camille&Pascal
Seul on va plus vite.... ensemble on va plus loin!.... Ne nous demandons pas de quoi le monde a besoin, cherchons ce qui nous fait vibrer car ce dont le monde a besoin, c'est de personnes qui vibrent avec la vie. Zebulons avec la vie.....
Allez les amis. C'est le moment de foncer et d'aider "Zebule Magazine" Thibault Grabherr, le créateur , est tout simplement mon gendre. La famille a de sacrées idées, n'est ce pas ? . JE COMPTE SUR VOUS