Help/Finance a studio recording of an independent musical record, with many talented musicians from the French Riviera.


The project

Because  Zine's first album called "Folie Douce" was created ​​in 2012, thanks to the help of  more than 120 subscribers,

we want to share the same experience in organizing a money collect which will  make the  recording of Zine's second album  possible by summer 2014 ...

The title is already decided: "Palhassina Universala"

in honor to SAUVAIGO, the Occitan poet of the Beat Generation.

The "palhassina" in Occitan means  the female clown, a sort of  female "Don Quixote."

This LP will have a "Folie Douce" B-side flavor.


The songs will be in French and Occitan.



CD cover designed by Emilie Camatte



Zine's first album “ Folie douce”  is on free listening on


and also here :





 The album “ Folie douce”  has been positively noticed  by several  media:

- France Bleu Azur (Adrien Mangano-Azur en scène)

- National Sweddish Radio

- Agora FM (Vicky Berardi - Agorascopie)

- Fréquency K (José Garcia)

- Radio Occitania Toulouse ( Cédric Roussèu)

- Magazine Cesar (Philippe Desjardin)

- Nos Enchanteurs ( Michel Kemper)

-The Weekly La Setmana ( Clément Pech)

- magazine Nouvelle Vague

- Nice Television (Nicolas Galup)

- France 3 Méditerrannée ( Nathalie Masseglia)

- Omrop Fryslan (Netherlands)


and the Regional Council of PACA  Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur who was seduced by  its cultural diversity and  wanted  to reward a collective art initiative in the PACA region.


The show "Folie Douce" accompanying the album has been favorably  presented on stage in the first part of Paris Combo (Le Mas des Escaravatiers), Macadam Bazar (Nights Festival of Thoronnet) Zaragraf (Occitan-Tsiganie Festival).


 In the recent past, Zine was invited abroad:

- Liet International Festival in 2009

- International Festival Bards Warsaw in 2008




To prepare  this second album, Zine wrote new songs in French and Occitan, about topics she likes, and also she has set to music poems by Rudyard Kipling, Xavier Durringer, Adnan and Sciença (Occitan poet). On a bonus track  will be presented a  trilingual (Arabic / Occitan /  Yiddish) adaptation of the traditional song "Tumbalalaika" with the singers My Saïsara (Yiddish) and Tarik Lamirat (Arabic)


The musicians invited to participate are numerous:  we will unveil their list very soon.


 Now, here's an extract of the  Manifeste en faveur de la chanson ( “Manifesto for the song”)


The artistic flowering is sad when it rhymes with economic crisis.

We, musical artists, remind all the musical  "industry" that  authors, composers and performers are the true people providing the raw material. And  finally at the other end of the business chain,  the audience has the last word.

All others, absolutely all, are only intermediaries whose purpose is to streamline, to boost, to  expand the artist-audience relationship ...

However, a large part of the song industry is unknown, one sees and hears only the tip of the iceberg in the song industry world , and big labels share the media's interest : the financial viability of an artist should not be the sole selection criterion!


Zine's artist page is also on the website of the “Cooperative chanson”: here


Quelques vidéos live :




et enfin, pour présenter le spectacle :


Whatever the amount we are keen to reward our donors by sending a surprise, therefore please email mentioning your details and contribution.

Why fund it?

Let's explain our approach:



The money collected  will be used for covering registration fees and creating the new CD (paying studio musicians, mastering, CD manufacturing factory, professional fees and advertising campaign).

That money collected  will allow authors, composers, performers and sound engineers involved to get partly payed  for their involvement.

Namely, let's give an example : for an album creation, professionals  who were  taking risks were able to involve 100 000 euros on such kind of  project. The estimated budget for the album "Folie Douce" started on a basis of 25 000 euros and, in the end, we were able to achieve our project with 5000 euros, because our team worked very hard.

Professionals who have had the CD “Folie douce “ in  hands have been  unanimous on the quality of its production. Because we want to continue our activities and we remember what we have been through,we are launching a new collect to create  successfully our new CD.

 This time our studio partners will be : in Nice :studio Le Bocal (LAQM), Studio 149 (Mickaël Forestal), Studio Route (Champollion) and Mastering studio Remy Pelleschi. ( non-exhaustive list.)




To show you how serious this new project is, here is our previsions for the budget necessary:

A financial statement, once the collect is finished,  will be given to you who support us on this project of a second CD.


BUDGET forecast album

Costs (in euros): 13,150 euros

artistic achievement,renting a studio, sound recording 10 days:


mixing 5 days


Mastering 13 tracks:


Pay load 10 days artists


Photo / illustration / graphics:


Manufacturing, pressing CD:




Promotion / Advertising/ press


Purchase Info insert tours


 Petrol expensesl 


Administrative expenses:


Other fees: Editors/ press:



Funding (in euros): 13,150

Collection Kiss Kiss Bank : 4000

sale of the CD : 1000

Direct selling CD 500

distribution 500

Grants from  professionals and public authorities : 2000

artists own investment : 5150


Operating independently being one of our goals we might allocate some of the funds to purchase music devices such as a recording mike (€250) or a video camera (€550).


Now you know everything ... if all this description has convinced you,  become producers and help us!




“It’s a moment of happiness to be taken with your heart and eyes” ” She is an expert at undoing the knitting threads of live” Zine is an original song-writer and singer… Melting the electro, the drum, the trip hop… All these elements boosted by a touching Gypsy tone. Sometime sexy and sometime innocent… Superb ! (Featuring Les Arbres Qui... See more