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I started singing at a very young age, alone in my room. Younger sister and I turned it into a hobby, as soon as she grew older we made it a duet! My room became all of a sudden so much warmer. Music is definitely a passion and a family affair to me.

Time goes by and i take singing classes, get involved in a band, and here we are at my first scenes in front of almost 400 people, in France. As i got more confident with my voice i launched my music profile on social networks. I simply recorded myself with a phone in my bathroom thinking it would be funny! My number of followers grew fast and my music parodies became real interpretations. Soon a lot of cover requests followed.

Then i got auditioned for the UK X Factor in London!  I passed the two first auditions and got told to come back again, more prepared. I loved the experience! It was a great encouragement to keep pursuing my passion…

In the meantime a music production company who offered we start a project together scouted me. Their studios are based in south of Paris, with a team of beat makers, composers and all. Basically, everything is there to help me create and record my first album. Many influences and ideas run through my mind and they will help me get them real. You guys asked, what’s next for me? Well i think it’s time I finally get out of my bathroom and take off my robe!



I need you guys to actualy help me turn into the interpreter and performer I know lives inside of me. I believe I was born an artist and raised a businesswoman. But what matters most in life is to always strive for what makes you happy, isn’t it? I know I can count on many of you people who followed, liked and shared my videos. To those who asked me for cover requests and always pushed me to go further I am ever so thankful. I felt all the love and this love is right back at you! Now, it would mean the world to mean if you could keep helping me run this project to an end by donating whichever amount of money you would feel like giving. Together we can make it happen. Help me get out of my bathroom and take off my robe!


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A fund raising campaign, what for?


Waar dient de collecte voor

A fund raising campaign, what for?


You’ll find influences such as:

* London grammar, Daft Punk, Moby, Lykke li because they are so well produced !

* Julien dore, Stromae because they wrote great texts !

* Sade, Lana del rey, Ariana Grande: becausewho doesn’t love their flows and melodies?

* Collaborating with a renowned composer in the french music market Kerredine Soltani.

Every project comes with a price, here’s more details in € + VAT : 2028 for my first single

720 Euros : production : studio rental, composition, recording, toplines, authors and beat makers

- 348 Euros : studio rental SSL4000, for voice recording

960 Euros : The mix will be done in the USA as I surrounded myself with people who worked on other artists’ albums such as Christine & The Queens and The Weeknd + Mastering


Many of you were here from the beginning to support my project so it is about time we make it real! You can help by giving 1€, 5€, 10€, 10 000€, I really need you to make it happen and give the best of me!

In advance I thank you guys so much for being here and contributing. Welcome to this crazy adventure. I am so happy to share it with you, make you dance, cry and laugh!

The money will go to the production company, Musician Solutions.

Rest of the project I will be financing from my own pocket! Many thanks and love always!

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