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What's KissKissBankBank?

  • 25,000 positive initiatives born thanks to crowdfunding.

    Do you have a creative, associative or entrepreneurial project? Our team will help you make a success of your crowdfunding campaign and beyond: preparation, communication, events... already 25,000 high-impact projects have already been financed.

  • Dozens of partners support the projects of causes that are close to their hearts.

    Are you a brand or a committed player? Wear the colours of your commitment. Together, let's imagine ways to make your values shine and push the talents of tomorrow.

  • A community of 2 300 000 positive citizens.

    We believe that financing projects together has a positive impact on our lives and on others’ lives. Today, there are already 2 300 000 committed citizens who share this view. Every day, you contribute to project creators who share your values and the causes that are close to your heart.

KissKissBankBank supports the independent press

« We live in a time when most newspapers are controlled by major financial powers. When you want to create, launch an independent press adventure, you have to address the readers who are the real owners of the newspapers. And for this, crowdfunding is the solution that must be favored to preserve our freedom. » - Éric Fottorino, journalist and writer.