1er EP de Cy "Reaching Out"

I need you! I'm preparing my first EP and I need your help to go to the end of the journey.

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1er EP de Cy "Reaching Out"

After long years postponing the project, I finally decided to produce my first EP entitled - Reaching Out - And that's why I need you people! The musical work is already well advanced but still, there are some pretty importants things left to do like finalazing arrangements, mixing, mastering, manufacturing CDs, distributing the music online, promotion etc... And that's where I need you! Because behind all those things are people who deserved to be paid for their job. Who am I ? For those who don't know me, I'm Cy, musician, composer, arranger and producer. I've got the great chance to be able to make a living out of my music and have been for a few years now. Guitarist on stage or in the studio, I also compose and produce music for various projects like cinema, animation, video games, but also artists for whom I produce and arrange songs, all that in my studio in Marseille, south of France. The EP: This Ep is a first step into my musical universe. From alternative pop to downtempo music and goigng through low-fi, a soft melancoly resonates in those songs and invite to a personnal journey. There will be 4 songs and 1 instrumental track on this EP entitled - Reaching Out - History's project: After postponing for a longtime this project, those last mounths offered me the time and space to reflect more on the music I wanted to make and the place it should have in my musical career. I was able to explore different ideas I've had for years now and try new ones too in order to offer you this first EP. For the first time, I'll present to you songs I entierly created and on wich I play most of the instruments and created arrangements. Reaching Out is a first step in my musical universe, an invitation to an interior journey towards sensitivity and oppeness to others. Calendar: All of this will be available on November the 2nd, the day of my 33rd birthday, on all streaming platforms and also as a physical copy. The corwdfunding will go until October 6th. In September I'll focus on mixing and mastering at B's Prod Studio. In October I'll deal with all administratives and logistics questions due to the manufacturing of CD's and the digital distribution for example. Conterparties: Of course, in exchange of your precious support, there are a lot of different conterparties awaiting for you! Please find on the KissKissBankBank page all the different propositions like exclusif content, recording sessions at my studio or even a delicious meal at home prepared by my awesome wife! You'll also find here an insight of how are gonna be spend the funds that we will harvest together.

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