"35mm" Court-métrage en film Noir & Blanc

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Visueel van project "35mm" Court-métrage en film Noir & Blanc
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"35mm" Court-métrage en film Noir & Blanc


35mm is a metaphor for the act of creation. The film shows the path that the artist takes in the production of his work, and in the discovery of his senses.

It is also a work about addiction in general, and alcoholism in particular. As well as its effects on the mental health of an individual, depressed by his failure in his quest for artistic achievement. We will finally address the problem of reality. The prism of the visual and subjective perception of an individual in a state of existential distress, and under the influence of alcohol, will lead us to question the very existence of the principle of reality.


Waar dient de collecte voor

400€   Props & Costumes
350€   Makeup Up & Special Effects
500€   Equipment & Light
1300€ Achat Kodak film 16mm Double-X
1100€ Process chemicals for B&W Films
600€   Scanning of the 16mm in 4K
350€   Transport & Restauration pour les Acteurs
200€   Locations
FREE  Camera Eclair ACL Super16mm
FREE  Notre équipe dévouée de 6 personnes !

Total : 4800€

> We are already investing by ourselves 1000€


A big part of the money will be to pay for the film stock and the 4K scanning !

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