A l'Origine etait le mythe

Documentary about creation myths transmitted in the valley of the Omo, Ethiopia. At the border of social science and art.

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A l'Origine etait le mythe

<p> O thou land of Ethiopia,</p> <p> you whom your door bear all our humanities,</p> <p> you who in the dust of warm soil gave us birth,</p> <p> How tales thou Origin?</p> <p> how tales you the Great mystery?</p> <p> We, your children have traveled far, and so far</p> <p> that we forgot that we were all brothers.</p> <p> We forgot the Sun, the Moon, the Elements.</p> <p> We forgot the heat of fire, the softness of the water, the whistle of wind.</p> <p> Tells us about your creation narratives, myths of your first peoples,</p> <p> Tell me the tale of the beginning of the end.  </p> <p>  </p> <p>                     I would like to go to Ethiopia, in the Valley of the Omo, to make an audiovisual account the various creation myths that tribals share in this region (Comparative analysis of the modes of transmission and living of the Konso, Borana, Aerbore and Suri, the first two share the same myth, but one is a pacifist while the other is bellicist.)</p> <p>  </p> <p>                                   Odes to Life, a Nature and Man, these different narratives would be for me a medium to illustrate the disenchantment of the world and especially his secondment to the Mother Earth. We cut our cord blows of industrial and commercial machete. I would like to return to the symbolic accorded to living beings and Elements in these myths to show poetry on the origin of man in distress.    </p> <p>  </p> <p>                        Loss of consciousness of this return to the Origin as part of the initiation ritual causes the loss of awareness of the interdependence of beings. The anthropocentric vision of monotheism and despiritualization of new Promethean men brings the man to consider themselves as masters and possessors of nature who gave us birth and which alone will survive.   The documentary does not give a view as a manifesto of a pro-Western animism generation loss of landmarks and the quest for spirituality nor criticism of religions which by their willingness to reunite under the same identity and even Faith finally excluded and distant man from his universal. M interested in these myths is not to say that I position myself against the theories of Evolution, not my documentary will not manifest Spirituality vs Science, but rather a tribute to the representations that all companies had their door when they first look this Grande Nature that allowed them to be.   I would like to light the triptych of interconnection (man-universe, man-land, man-man) door animist beliefs, not through blind fascination but because they appear to me as a symbolic medium to re -Make aware of these same connections.</p> <p>                             If all creation myths are answered and even each other at times, the choice of Ethiopia is maturely reflechi and also symbolic. I would like to see the documentary as a rite of passage, and the film director and the viewer. At the Origin of the World, was the origin of the self. Because any reflection on the great mystery sends us has our own humanity, has our own uniqueness. The Ones that make up the whole.</p> <p>                            To study the creation myths will be for me a way to illustrate the original harmony which we drowned our hands of men in chaos-abyss that seem bottomless. A study in tribute to the representations that all companies had their door when they first look at the nature that allowed them to be.    The documentary will consists of several parts, explanatory lifestyles of the studied populations, but also aesthetic with more experimental and universal images.</p> <p>                              Creation myths are talking in voice by residents and illustrees a painted animation film and / or built as a puppet theater.   I would like to organize a workshop theater with children of different populations visited in order to make them reclaim their memory by art. The study of myths also allow me to light the gradual acculturation of these populations who have lived long isolated preserve their identity specificities but which recently became available through tribal towers begin to absorb Western culture, if a haggle or dramatize their own folklore whose moribund forms are sold to tourists in quest of exoticism.   I would like to take the study of these myths, their transmission to their reception, as a starting point to illuminate different phenomena related to them.  </p> <p>                                    Visual anthropology, marriage of an experimental cinema and activist in the service of truth and to which people participate directly (workshops recordings, editing, creativeworkshops ..)</p>

Allocation of funds

<p> It is a difficult project to implement, on one hand by the arduous task that is looking for contacts in this remote area, but mainly because it is a project that leads to additional costs of costs video material.   Major costs related to anthropological research:</p> <p> -Translator: Essential for the duration of my first trip in July to make myself understood and understand people = 300 euros</p> <p> -Transportation To remote areas= 150 euros</p> <p>   Major costs related to the realization video: Unidirectional external -effective micro for interviews and recording of traditional songs = 50 euros -Tripod Professional = 25 euros -location Of additional equipment (steadicam, waterproof bag, sd card ... because no opportunity to unload a computer problem of electricity) = 50 euros  </p> <p>  </p> <p> I always seek to live the adventure with empty pockets but full heart, I tried to make video documentaries several times: and I always seek to reduce to a minimum cost of video hardware that border for me unreasonable (arrive with his 1000 euros camera  in front of the poverty of the people encountered, it's just disgusting to me) however, I have little income and being still student, it is a project that will be facilitated by the financial aid that you will grant me. I also know this is a non-exhaustive list of costs (if only the airfare).</p>



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-Thanks -Polaroid pictures of the populations -Traditionnal ethiopian mask

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-Thanks -Polaroid pictures of the populations -Traditionnal ethiopian jewelry

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    -Thanks -Polaroid pictures of the populations -Traditionnal ethiopian jewelry -Weaved traditionnal shawl

    Estimated delivery: September 2015


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    -Thanks -Polaroid pictures of the populations -Traditionnal ethiopian jewelry -Weaved traditionnal shawl -DVD of the documentary

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      -Thanks -Polaroid pictures of the populations -Traditionnal ethiopian jewelry -Weaved traditionnal shawl -DVD of the documentary -Invitation to the first screening of the documentary

      Estimated delivery: November 2015


        -Remerciements -Photo polaroid des populations rencontres -Bracelets artisanaux -Châle tissé -DVD du documentaire -Invitation a l'avant premiere du documentaire -Captation/realisation d'un court metrage gratuitement en accord avec vous

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