A QUEEN OF HEART de Juliette Deschamps avec Rosemary Standley

Musical created at the Paris Théâtre de la Bastille this September.

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A QUEEN OF HEART de Juliette Deschamps avec Rosemary Standley

Together, we conceived the musical A QUEEN OF HEART.

It will be created at the Paris Théâtre de la Bastille this September

and will start touring immediately throughout France and abroad.


Your support is essential ! It will allow us to create both:


Vanessa Sannino’s beautifully designed costumes for Moriarty’s singer Rosemary Standley as a queen of heart. Vanessa Sannino’s work for stage has been praised from Paris to Milan. The unique and elegant stage curtain Juliette Deschamps imagined as a 1930’s music-hall prop revisited in a David-Lynch- like syle.


A Queen of Heart is a theatrical song recital imagined and directed by French artist Juliette Deschamps, starring the French-American singer Rosemary Standley and an American pianist who will accompany her songbook. The singer and her pianist will be taking the audiences to a dreamlike and delightfully quaint journey into the American Songbook. Kurt Weill, Leonard Bernstein, Nina Simone, Johnny Guitar, Max Richter, Cole Porter, Marilyn Monroe, George Gerschwin, Francis Poulenc, Marlene Dietrich, Luigi Tenco, Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Billie Holiday - are some of the artists who inspired the show, and whom the show celebrates.   At the heart of this project is the French-American relationship, the question of cultural bridges and gaps, and of generations. At the heart of it are also two women. One that comes from theater, opera and other hybrid forms of stage direction and the other one from music. A Queen of Heart is at the crossroad of theater and music, and really transcends any categorizing. The show will be created on the stage of Théâtre de la Bastille (Paris) in September 2013 and open the theater’s new season, in a simple and intimate scenic design, created by Juliette Deschamps and Vanessa Sannino.


"She appears, possessed by those terrible songs that don’t lie, while the cards of her old melody are being dealt: the wait/ the beats/ the emotion/ the passion/ the promise / the vertigo/ the fall. And then, nothing. A fallen and suddenly neglected princess staring into the infinite; her brutal make-up is running. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a show of elegant decadence. In this withered American music‐hall, the velvet curtain is covered in old inebriated dust, the seats are worn-out and still resonating with opera tunes from the past that have since become cabaret. "Silencio" she whispers. Let's close our eyes. Cards are being shuffled again. This tarot - for she, who only dreamt of love - is an ill omen. Tonight, aboard the soon-to-be shipwreck, the queen of heart needs to be played. In one flick of the wrist, here she is. "



Rosemary Standley



Crédit Photo : Dana Colin


     Rosemary Standley is the singer of the famous French-American band Moriarty. Together, they recorded two albums (Naïve and Air Rytmo) and toured around the world. They are currently working on a new series of songs celebrating their American roots. Rosemary has been singing folk music since the age of 8 in her father’s band and was early on introduced to an extensive array of traditional American music: Jimmy Rogers, the Carter Family, Woodie Guthrie, Patsy Cline, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, to name a few. Her mother, a native of Brittany, taught her the Irish and Celtic traditions. This eclectic musical education shaped her inspirations and voice, resulting today in a masterful mixing of genres and languages. She sings in no less than French, German, Creole, Arabic, Italian and English - her mother-tongue.

     Her ever-growing interest in diverse repertoires defines her unique style - ranging from folk, country, blues, bluegrass, rock'n'roll to baroque and classical music, from yiddish songs to the poetry of Alain Peters of Reunion Island. When she is not on tour with the group, Rosemary collaborates with artists from different backgrounds such as: Laurence Équilbey, whom with she created the piece Private Domain (Monteverdi, Fauré, Purcell, Verdi); her 1960's Soul music voice trio Lightnin' 3 with Brisa Roché and Ndidi O.; the cellist Dom La Nena, with whom Rosemary put together a songbook for the Paris Cité de la Musique (including composers from Purcell to Leonard Cohen); she also recently interpreted I am a stranger here myself by Kurt Weill with the Orchestre National de France, and acted in a theater play with Moriarty «Memories from the missing room», directed by Marc Lainé at Théâtre de la Bastille. 


Juliette Deschamps




      Since 2006, Juliette Deschamps has directed over 30 productions: operas, theater, performances, fashion shows, classical music, pop and electronic concerts. Her work in France encompasses venues like Théâtre des Champs‐Élysées, Royal Opera of Versailles, Paris Opéra‐Comique, Centre Georges Pompidou, Louvre Auditorium, Quai Branly Museum, the Cigale, the Olympia, the Printemps of Bourges, The nights of Fourvière, the Lille Opera, the Grand Théâtre of Provence. Abroad, her productions were shown in Vienna (Theater An Der Wien), Venice (Teatro Malibran), Taipei (Chiang Kai-­‐shek Center), Bilbao (Teatro Arriaga), Amsterdam (Het Musiektheater and Holland Festival), Luxembourg (Grand Théâtre).

     She is currently working on Bartok’s Opera Blue-Beard’s Castle, commissioned by the Grand Théâtre of Bordeaux; on a film about Shangai’s underground musical scene commissionned by the Cité de la Musique, as well as on the US premiere of her baroque opera Era la notte, at the Lincoln Center (fall of 2013), created for the soprano Anna Caterina Antonacci. In 2007, Juliette Deschamps founded her production company: La Scène du Crime. In 2011, she won the «Best show of the year» award at the Victoires de la Musique for her production of «‐M‐ Les Saisons de passage» starring French singer Matthieu Chedid.



Vanessa Sannino


     She was born in Italy. She has been designing sets and costumes since 2008, for some of the most prestigious European stages: the Milan Scala - where she collaborated with Emma Dante on a production of Carmen; the Comédie Française in Paris - where her work for Jérôme Deschamps’ Un Fil à la Patte got her nominated for Best Costume Design. While Vanessa continues to collaborate with Jérôme Deschamps and Emma Dante at the Paris Opéra Comique and the Vienna Staatsoper, she has also worked since her start on a number of operas and performances directed by Juliette Deschamps in France and Italy. She was commissioned this year to design the Vienna Opernball poster. Vanessa is currently finishing her fine arts curriculum at the Turin Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti.

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- the fabrication of 2-3 stage costumes for Rosemary Standley -  estimated €8000


- the fabrication of a glimmering velvet stage curtain – main element of the show by a tapestry artist - estimated €4500. 


An drawing of Vanessa Sannino’s costumes for Rosemary Standley as Queen of Heart 


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