A Tale of Synapse

Support an innovative project in the world of video games and a young independent studio led by a young woman with promising values!

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A Tale of Synapse

Why KissKissBankBank?

A Tale of Synapse is also sold by Amazon, Cultura, Fnac, Boulanger and many other big brands, but they pay us very little. KissKissBankBank is therefore an opportunity for us to raise funds to invest in the following games: A Tale of Synpase 2, Kohana etc.

Thanks everyone!

A Tale Of Synapse: Chaos Theories is a mix of platformer and puzzles inspired by the marriage of abstract art and science. Use the rules of the universe and all of the elements that make it up to help Synapsians become open-minded.

We believe in the potential of video games to immerse yourself in, show totally original worlds, and learn, educate yourself, open your mind while having fun!

Caroline Martinand is at the head of the project. Leaving the Emile Cohl school, she loves to draw but she has always been attracted by the sciences in the broad sense as well. She couldn't study both at the same time, so she decided to devote her final year project to a video game that would mix the two fields.

During her internship at the Leprince-Ringuet laboratory at the CNRS, she created her studio, Souris-Lab, with the conviction that this kind of innovative games can change a lot of things in the minds of adolescents and adults too! Full of desire and good intentions to start this project, she is looking for funding.

After multiple failures, she obtains the French tech grant to develop her prototype and present it to the game connection. After finding a publisher, she assembles her team of young enthusiasts for production. Surrounded by Nicolas Roland and Pierre Zanettacci in design, they will work hard to create a game that corresponds to them with their deep ambitions.

"Dare to play, because the games of your childhood form the adult that you are"

Discover an incredible and colorful story with Sci and Néro, two heroes, who cooperate to evolve in this dreamlike world inspired by the 3rd Art and based on the rules of mathematical logic and the Singapore method. The soundtrack will immerse you in the world of Héméide.

Play alone or in co-op with your friend and develop your synapses to learn more skills, solve puzzles and fight enemies.


  • - 4 magical worlds
  • - Local multiplayer mode
  • - 45 levels with incredible puzzles
  • - Colorful and unique 2D
  • - Over 10 hours of play
  • - French independent and innovative game
  • - Solve equations using your logic

Our goal is to create a game franchise, whose heroes, Nero and Sci, travel the scientific, environmental and cultural worlds in order to discover the wonders of the world and of Science.

We have created a game entirely after many hours and months of work and we need you to continue this franchise project. Our income will be fully invested in a second game already in pre-production. We need you to show that video games are not just fun and that they can do so much more than that.

The digital version will be released on June 30, 2021 and the physical version on July 16, 2021. Collector's versions will follow with your help! The game is in English, French, Spanish and German.

We would like to involve you in our project to show that the general public also wants to play innovative games, that we are progressing together, in search of ever more creative and innovative games. In exchange, depending on the pack you choose, you will be able to benefit from stickers, an Artbook of around forty pages, the soundtrack, the digital or physical game, artwork made especially for you and signed and still full other things!

Teachers, students, parents, millennials, gamers, science fan or not at all; contact us! to help us develop games and books!

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The funds collected thanks to you, will serve as a springboard for the franchise and the following games. You will show the interest of the market through the help you bring us to convince our politicians and senior officials that the French want to evolve on the learning methodology and playful games.

We will invest in a second game, finish the first with your help, and create an illustrated math book that accompanies "A Tale of Synpase, the chaos theories".

Thank you very much ! 

Questions?  You can contact us at : caroline@souris-lab.com

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